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Voter Information

Last Day to Register to Vote: 3 PM June 1, 2020

Absentee Voting: June 20, 2020

Early Voting: 8AM-6PM June 25-26 & 9AM-2PM June 27, 2020

Primary Election June 30th, 2020 7AM - 7PM

     Hello Oklahoma! Voting is easy and it is your right. Voting is how Americans preserve the Republic because it allows us to have a voice in how our country operates. Democracy is crucial, but you must register first. Here is a link for the registration paperwork:

Voter Registration Paperwork

     Voting is somewhat intimidating, but here is a voting video from the 2016 election. Hopefully after watching this, new voters will feel more comfortable when entering the polls:

Voting Video 2016

     It is important to understand that Oklahoma is a closed primary state; you cannot vote if you register under a party not running in the primary. That means that if you register as a Republican or Libertarian, you cannot vote for a Democrat. I am a Democrat. However, no matter what you register, you can vote freely in the general election, on November 3rd, 2020. 

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