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"It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings" Proverbs 25:2



Project scope: The scope of this project includes all people, land, equipment, research and development facilities, and natural resources in Oklahoma's fifth congressional district; the counties include Oklahoma, Pottawatomie, and Seminole counties. 

Project Objective: The objective of Project D5 is to establish Oklahoma as the scientific research capitol of the United States; I believe we are well on our way with the amount of health and science research facilities. I wish to ensure they continue having the funding needed to continue pursuing new discoveries. 

*March 1, 2020 Update: Focus on educational resources for children with Autism; create a Bill that addresses needs on a federal level and provides a means, through insurance or another method, to create a standard for self-sufficiency for children with Autism.

Another objective that came up is to increase our milk cow inventory and production. We have room to grow in this market. We are currently 30th in the United States and we could easily move up several ranks should we try to expand our milk cow inventory by 20%. We will have to see where the 170 dairy farms are to see how we can help those dairy farmers increase output. 

The last objective is to expand on our recycling capabilities in Oklahoma City. We need to be recycling cardboard and making new packaging boxes with a box manufacturing plant; we also need to focus on recycling glass, aluminum, and plastic regularly in Oklahoma to decrease our environmental impact.

Key Resources: The key resources include the people, the land, research and development facilities, the health complex, access to seed and planting equipment, access to land clearing equipment, new farmers, government investment, legislative collaboration, recyclables, cardboard recycling plant, box manufacturing plant, milk cow inventory, dairy resources and time. 

Performance Indicators: New scientific discoveries, expansion of Oklahoma produce in our markets, increased state income as our import needs shift, rise in new agriculture land through the clearing of young brush, access to government investments and seed capital, improved citizen health through continuous improvement of preventative measures and research, new equipment capital in the congressional district, and a rise in high technology and science firms locating to the area to be close to the scientific advancement. Increase in milk cow inventory and licensed dairy farms, building of reclaiming facilities and box manufacturing plants, community participation in recycling, decreased environmental impact.

Continuous Improvement: Like our other projects, we must always be focused on continuous improvement; in Project D5, continuous improvement will be seen as we have less need for imported fruits and vegetables, an increase in orchard expansion and quality of produce, continuous innovations in medical, biomedical, electronics and other sciences. Lastly, we must ensure that our scientists always have the funding they need and we will facilitate this with the other congressional district projects.  

Limitations: Currently, the only limitations are in our land resources; I was exploring the congressional district and I see that the viable land is filled with young brush; we will need to clear a lot of land out and this will require an investment, but we should be on the look out for methods of brush disposable in an economical way; we will have a lot of it.

Project Timeline: The project has begun with its inception in my congressional campaign. I believe within six years, we can have 10,000 acres of fruit production and the vegetable production will be measured differently as we will focus on year round indoor gardens. Within twelve years I believe the state can satisfy all of its fruit and vegetable needs and create a whole new layer in our industrial economy. As far as our scientific research, I will have to work with the research and development firms to ensure they have access to the funding needed for their programs. We will have to work closely together to ensure that their projects are headed in the right direction and that all funding is used appropriately for our needed innovations and discoveries; one major goal is to identify what it is in Oklahoma that is causing so many illnesses and cancers.  

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