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"Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6 

Project D4

Project Scope:  *Update 11/12/2019: Upon speaking with a ranching woman whom I know and respect, the beef processing plant will take more research. The cattle ranchers are able to find fair prices for their beef and are satisfied, when they can find it. In our conversation we discussed concerns with how the market price will be affected with a beef processing plant in our state. She is right because with a cheaper supply chain, the price may go down. This is good for the people, but bad for business. I walk a thin line with this approach and must take this into consideration. The project scope includes all land, resources and people in Oklahoma's fourth congressional district: Cleveland, McClain, Grady, Garvin, Pontotoc, Tillman, Cotton, Stephens, Jefferson, Carter, Love, Comanche, and Murray counties. 

Project Objective: This project has multiple objectives. The first is to double our current educational resources. This will be done with federal legislation as well as from expanding our state's industry to provide more funding. We will also build a beef processing complex in McClain County to process, package, and distribute Oklahoman cattle so our ranchers can observe full economic gain from their agriculture. In Ardmore, we will build an assembly plant for our broadcasting equipment. Lastly, in the areas that lack adequate irrigation, we will bring the water demanded by areas that lack access to aquifers or other viable water sources.  

Key Resources: Federal Legislator, existing infrastructure, funding with state bonds, our people, land and natural resources, irrigation equipment and other planting and harvesting equipment, development of broadcasting component manufacturing, technology, and our teachers.

Project Timeline: The project has begun and we should see significant results in our state education within 3 years and a complete turnaround in six years. We should have a beef processing complex within two years and a broadcasting assembly plant within a year or two as well. We will have to establish all the components manufactures first, but we have a strong foundation with the Sovereign Nation's investments in Industrial Parks.  Lastly, irrigation will be provided as I discover need and connect landowners with water resources.

Performance Indicators: Higher state proficiency scores, increased student confidence, decrease in crime, substantial increase in ranching revenue, expansion in industry in congressional district four, increase in per capita income, decrease in trade deficit, new cultural attitudes toward academic achievement, and higher quality of life.

Limitations: Legislative obstacles seeking federal funding for education, organizational friction with the beef processing complex, expense of connecting water rich areas with water deficient areas, expansion into complex manufacturing techniques required in broadcasting equipment manufacturing. 

Continuous Improvement: We can never stop our journey toward education. Each class must strive to be the best they can be, always. We must continuously build our industry and resolve our trade deficit, then control it and not allow it to get unbalanced again. We will also have to continuously improve our land owner's and farm operators access to adequate water resources. 

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