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"Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering." Mark 5:34

Project D2

Project Scope: All land, people, and resources within the 26 counties of congressional district two: Adair, Nowata, Craig, Ottawa, Mayes, Delaware, Cherokee, Okmulgee, Muskogee, Sequoyah, Okfuskee, McIntosh, Haskell, Leflore, Hughes, Pittsburg, Latimer, Coal, Atoka, Pushmataha, McCurtain, Choctaw, Bryan, Marshall, Johnston, and Rogers Counties. 

Project Objective: To create a life expectancy standard of 80 years of age within 30 years. Also, identify and reduce the top five causes of cancer based on data collected from every heath care organization within our state. There is no reason modern science cannot identify exacerbating elements with the right data; and we already know where to start.

There is a second objective that deals with the protection of our environment; our operations will have no environmental impact and we will remove all hazardous waste disposed and resting in our state.

Project Timeline: The timeline for this project begins now and will carry on indefinitely with a forever increasing focus on citizen health.

 Key Resources: The key resources in this area are our tribal industrial complexes, our industrial parks, our existing manufacturing and agriculture sectors, timber, coal, undeveloped hydrocarbons, limestone, railroads, healthcare facilities, the river transportation outlets, and the people.

 Performance Indicators: Decrease in annual new cancer cases and other life threatened ailments; including but not limited to mental health disorders. Increased life expectancy, higher volume being shipped via river and train, development of industrial enterprise, new filings for LLC's and corporations, increased scoring on state education assessments, progressive legislation allowing industrial expansion, higher median per capita income, less crime, and less environmental impact.

Limitations: Current limitations include restrictive legislation inhibiting industrial expansion, presence of physically altering chemicals, toxins, and other dangers to health. 

 Phase 1: Project D2 began as soon as I recognized the need for an enhanced focus on our state's education and health needs. The project will develop once I can organize a collected effort to increase these deficits. Also, we will need to break down industrial barriers so we can commence in the rebuilding process. 

On the citizen end, it is paramount that we stay on top of our health. We need to be cognizant of what enters our bodies and we must focus on cleaning our state. This will require support from the voters to ensure people are in the right places to ensure the health aspects that are out of your control, such as the chat in Ottawa County, are dealt with immediately. 

Committee to Elect Bevon Rogers
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