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"Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life." Psalm 23:6


Project D1

Project Scope: The scope of Project D1 includes the 3 counties of Oklahoma's 1st congressional district: Tulsa, Washington, and Wagoner counties.

The Project includes all those who live within these communities, and the police departments and fire departments, and existing building and cultivating knowledge and equipment. 

Project Objective: To promote communal appreciation for policemen and firefighters. To bring awareness of youth violence and advocate citizens to keeps their eyes out, and not to be afraid of letting it be known they're watching; our youth need to know that we have their backs. 

Also, an objective is to build a large indoor facility for the cultivation of fruits, herbs, and vegetables; also to provide clones of the fruit trees for domestic use and seeds for cultivation. The property will need some outdoor space for the long term cultivation of fruit trees. The establishment will also inform and teach citizens how to garden themselves, indoors or outdoors, and provide equipment to do so. The primary idea is to serve as a source for new farmers to begin small orchards; the process takes years and years, this is essentially a seed project for a larger statewide agriculture enrichment. 

Lastly, to create awareness of positions available in Oklahoma's second congressional district. 

Project Timeline: The projects have begun with the idea to build a large community garden that provides fruit, herbs, and vegetables to our citizens. The project will continue to manifest as I spend time in congressional district one and seek a building to begin the project. As far as awareness of our police force, this is underway in Washington County and when I visit Oklahoma counties, I will be sure to promote backing our blue, and red. 

Key Resources: Our people, our firefighters and policemen, government owned property, fruit, herbs, and vegetables, propagating capabilities, government funding for communal garden development.

Performance Indicators: Decrease in violent crime, public awareness of the police force and fire department, increase in fruit orchards and vegetable gardens throughout the state, large indoor facility for growing fruit, herbs, and vegetables all year long, increased communal participation in community events. More employees in Oklahoma's second congressional district and lower unemployment levels in congressional district one. 

Continuous Improvement: We will strive until we do not have criminal cases. This does not mean taking every criminal off the street, this means ensuring no one turns to criminal activity for anything. We are fixing the economy, we are connecting our communities, we should see a continuous decrease in violence until there is none. Police help us when we have accidents, they save us from ourselves, and they make sure we follow safety policies meant to ensure everyone is safe and happy. 

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