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Old Movies, Same Themes

I am not sure if you're aware, but old Disney movies on VHS are fetching top dollar these days. I grew up on these cassettes as did many of my constituents. I thought it would be fun to share my collection that my mother still plays for her grandchildren. * Lion King was watched so many times by my brother and I that the tape broke in Italy before we moved back to the US; we were in disbelief of some of the actions and fast forwarded and rewound too many times in our determination to discover why the animal kingdom was failing. We bought the original in the base exchange, as well as many other old Disney movies; these are just the Black Diamonds. I wish that people would watch these old films and reflect on the parallels that exist to this day. Also, I just watched "An American Tale" on Netflix and I cannot stop singing "There are no cats in America!" I'm looking forward to spending time with my daughter London this Christmas; she has many life lessons to learn on VHS.

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