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Official Website Launch Date: October 1, 2019, but..

Hello everyone! I have an exponentially increasing amount of visitors to my website and I am happy to see so many interested citizens. But there are a few things I would like for the early birds to know as they continue visiting and sharing the news.

First, the website is still under construction. I am publishing early so everyone can read my thoughts. This is a grass roots campaign and requires substantial focus to compile such a large volume of words. Currently I am researching and writing 2-3000 words a day, sleeping four hours or less, and organizing a congressional campaign. I may be slightly inaccurate here and there in my prose, but I have done little editing as I am always on the next county, next problem. 

As my campaign grows and I gather support, things will begin to solidify and campaign work can be delegated, but my words will always be mine. I will enable traffic to my site because I would like for my visitors to see what it is like behind the scenes; I want you to know what it takes for a millennial in this era to fight for what he sees to be right and to defend the people of his home state. 

There is a lot more to come folks; this is a new era in our democracy and you are witnessing its inception. Thank you for your interest and please check out my book, Sometimes it is. If you enjoy my writing so far, you will love the story. It is hard to look up so I have provided a link:

                                                              Amazon Link

I wrote the book in three weeks and have yet to have a professional edit the prose. The Second Edition will be "cleaner". Enjoy, friends.

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