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The Fifth of March

A Senator is the ultimate in our nation. He or she wields the greatest power known, the power of the law. In its purest form, the law is the light and can transform the world around us. We write what we live and it is only the legislator who can write. A pen is greater than any sword and on paper the strongest shield. In 2020, I am the Senator who is a legislator that can write. 

Time to vocalize America. We have a broken Federal Election Commission and we must have three more seats to satisfy the requirements of our six-member board.  

President Trump must nominate three people.

The Senate must confirm three people.

Do not stop until the integrity of our Federal Election is guaranteed. 


*FEC also needs:

     - Deputy Inspector General

     - Deputy Staff Director Chief Communications Officer

There's two more jobs you can create by satisfying existing requirements.

Meanwhile, here is my opponent's campaign contributors over the past couple decades:

Senator Inhofe Campaign Contributions

How many of these have the interest of Oklahoma in mind? Remember the companies that destroy our industry and make us poor? They are on the list. Year, after year, after year. 

Oklahoma makes a turn for the best the moment we take these companies away from the capitol and away from the quill. They exist in our state only because they have purchased federal influence and have been allowed to monopolize our markets. 

Here is a piece of Seaboards annual report, a regular contributor:


You have the audacity to run again in my state? When you cannot even formulate one sentence for the people, shake one hand of the people, nor solve one problem of the people in a lifetime of being a legislator.

The people do not even know you, they know of you and the only evidence you exist is from the messes you create around the world. Let us have a debate, shall we?

As a simile, I will chew you up like a piece of bubble gum. Now you are in the ring. You are in my ring. 

I know everything that goes on and who is involved and my roots run much, much deeper than yours and while you have been absent I have taken the heart of the state and wear it with pride.  

For a $1,000 campaign contribution, you will make sure our students go without resources. 

For a $1,000 campaign contribution, you will make sure our people are locked out of industry.

For a $1,000 campaign contribution, you will make sure money flows out of this state.

For a $1,000 campaign contribution, you will make sure our banks suffocate.

For a $1,000 campaign contribution, you will make sure our resources get stolen.

All you say is what you have done for our troops. Supporting our troops means supporting world peace. You want defense contracts, defense contracts, and more defense contracts and the soldiers know this. You do not have rapport with the men and women of the armed forces and you need to stop pretending you do. My Army friends started waking up when they read and began wondering what they were doing alone in the middle of no where with $50,000,000 of new equipment every six months. They could have been at home, in the Reserves, and ranching. I do not have to explain myself when it comes to the military: How'd Ya Earn Your Livin? My father earned his with 44 men and the Abudabi Airport. My grandfather earned his jumping into every situation that arose. My great grandfather earned his in the beaches of France, North Africa, Korea. All the way to the Revolutionary War we earned our livin and now we're taking it to the Senate with pen and paper because God doesn't want us earning our livin that way anymore. 

Do you know what your dad smells like after War? When your mother or father's BDU's smell like jet fuel and foreign aromas? I do, and my father, and his father, and his father until no records exist. They do not shower and throw on some Ralph Lauren. They complete their mission and come straight home as they are. If you're lucky, they're just on TDY and come home clean; you still stay up all night praying for a safe flight. People do not know the lives behind military children, the elite military children. We are not filthy rich, but we carry more honor and maintain more dignity and our sense of value is derived from service.

My Blue and Gold Officer kept me out for this very moment in the United States, despite my best efforts to go to Annapolis and become a Navy SEAL. Hooyah. Thank you, Professor Gleason, I see it now. He said "No, Bevon, you are not a killer and you will have to kill." I cried because my whole life, even now, I knew I was a SEAL. I wear a Navy hat because I would have been with you guys, had God not steered me in this direction. My trident is somewhere, I got it when I was twelve, along with a defused grenade and .50 caliber blanks. I got them at a surplus store from the money I made umpiring baseball; youth sports are at historic lows and children cannot make summer money like they used to. It made me feel closer to the men in my family, sweating in the sun and being ready for anything that came up; they were just toys but to me, I was one of them. The military lives in me and I promise you I have your back and you are never far from my mind.

Want to know why I wanted to become a SEAL? Because I wanted to save the world in secret, receive my awards without handling them, and for the people to be safe without knowing the dangers I was saving them from. And they told me no because I am going to be a Senator. Do you know what SEALs and Senators have in common? They surrender themselves to God because we know. You know and look the other way. 

Integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do! Hooah. I was raised Air Force.

My AFOQT scores are through the roof but I was never able to join the Air Force either. Let this be evidence that I was meant to write, and not fight. 

You build rapport in the military by fighting side by side, winning through bloodshed for our nation. I am different because I win without bloodshed by writing instead of fighting. You do neither. You seek financial gain by exploiting the armed services. 

People, this is what a SEAL in heart, pen in hand, and God in mind can do. Thank my brothers whom I write for.

You have accumulated quite a list of things you "have done", but the list of the things you have not done is much, much longer. Including writing Bills, voting, and being aware of our needs. Senators write. They think, heal, and build. You just talk.

You lead by deception and had my Oklahomans so confused, many of them did not know which way was North. We know now and I can write a book about the Oklahoma Dark Age and how we came to light. 

Just out of curiosity, are you taking money from Arch Coal again? Because I have already promised Oklahoma they can sell their coal if they want to. 

Is there anyone you don't take money from? And did you think Oklahomans were going to take the short end of the stick forever?

And did you really think you were going to win against Bevon Rogers?

People cry when they read my literature Jim. No one has loved them like I do and no one has fought for them like I do.

Welcome to the new Oklahoma.

In the Oilfield, we call this Getting Run Off. 

Committee to Elect Bevon Rogers
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