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The Conveniency Model in America

In the United States and other developed countries, convenience makes products cheaper, but at the expense of jobs. Amazon is already a billion dollar enterprise and is now planning on moving into grocery retail where the customer walks out with the groceries and pays through Amazon. When will Amazon be happy with their global dominance? We are already losing malls and other retail outlets due to their superior shipping and retailing methods, and Jeff Bezos is richer than anyone could hope to be. Can we please keep our grocery stores? And our jobs? Or do you really need to be a trillionaire. 

I want to bring back the community structure we once had; where the people gather at malls and retailers to have togetherness and stimulate local economies. For this to be possible, there needs to be economic reform where our prices locally out match online retail. From a supply chain perspective, purchasing and shipping single items is not more affordable than bulk retail locally; the game is fixed. 

We must include County assessments to online orders and crack open Amazon' supply chain to see where the competitive advantage is coming from and reverse it so our local communities take back their fair share of the market. And IBM Cloud Computing is leaps and bounds ahead of Amazon's, yet they still somehow win contracts.

I love Amazon, I was able to upload my first edition of my book and retain the Digital Media Rights for free, and living on Maui, I could order from Amazon and receive the product anywhere on the island; except for Kaupo, which is where I lived. But in 2020, as a man of the people, we must find an appropriate equilibrium between online and local retail. 

I believe it is time to apply anti-trust legislation to the Amazon Empire.

Had the leaders been awake in the 1990's moving into the 21st Century, we would have done the same to Microsoft and its monopoly on business software. They never gave discounts to businesses and as a result, software licensing became a major expense for every company operating with Windows. This discussion is about the business software, not the operating system markets that you so kindly allowed Apple back into. 

From my perspective, and forgive me if I am wrong Mr. Gates and Mr. Bezos, but your operations began as niche market competitors, but somehow you established yourselves on top of the pyramid and kept everyone else out; this is why we made anti0trust laws to begin with. 

With this being said, I would like to partner with the two richest men in America and strategically build railroads that will help expand trade within our country. If the two of you would assist me in this endeavor, we could bring about new levels of prosperity in America by rebuilding old trade routes. I will write you in case you have not discovered my website yet; not for your money, but for your interest in the American Economy.

*Microsoft: I admire your 100X100X100 program for start-ups in India and I believe it will be a success, but do not forget your humble beginnings in the Untied States and your obligations herein. If your venture goes well in India, I hope you will consider reducing the software licensing in the United States. 

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