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My Only Mail Campaign

In my campaign for Senate, I have done a single mail campaign to every Sheriff and County Commissioner in the State. I never asked for anything other than support and wrote an open ended message to many of the Commissioners. I spoke of us collaborating in the future to tackle the many projects ahead of us, but I did not use names, but the offices of those I intended to reach. When we are elected to our positions, we become something greater than ourselves; we assume the office in which we are elected to. Sheriffs, Commissioners, and the Senators must be unified to operate as a well oiled machine and this is why I established a network among all of us. Thank you for your support and I look forward to serving the interest of our counties in Washington D.C.

We are all in this together and as new grants are written for our commissioners to appropriate and manage, and our sheriffs in our weakest counties are provided the resources they need to tackle issues that arise in their counties, I will be readily available to assist. If a sheriff needs federal resources or help managing a federal agency, I will be there. If a commissioner needs funding or equipment for a project, I will be there with pen in hand ready to write for the people. 

This project came about due to a couple reasons. First, I am very close to my hometown sheriff and hold him in high regard. I have seen he and his deputies do the most they can with as little resources as possible when there is more that can be done. Furthermore, I have seen the power of the pen in Congress and how easy equipment such as Cat Scan machines can be given to rural hospitals. I see the ledger and the amount of federal resources we have just sitting when they can be assigned to places that need it simply by appropriating and congressional approval. We have a bright future and are leveraging ourselves properly; we have the best people and united, we are unstoppable.

Commissioners, here is an example of how I will help you. Say you have enough money to fund materials to replace a bridge, but are unable to complete the project because there is a gap in labor and equipment. If I find a crane, dozer, a couple track-hoes doing nothing but awaiting federal auction, I will get you that equipment. I will then hunt down your labor needs by re-appropriating funds that are not being used where ever I can, or we will find some way to leverage our tribal resources. We will no longer post-pone projects because of lacking resources. 

I know my Oklahomans and I know you already have the keys to every piece of machinery out there, and the people to run them. 

Sheriffs, you are the top level of enforcement in your domains and if you encounter friction running your operations, call me and I will go to the agency building across the street and get answers for you immediately. 

I mean it when I say that Oklahoma is the number one state and for us to realize our potential we will have to think like we have never thought, collaborate like we have never collaborated before, and strategize like industrialist. We are one state, with 77 counties and 39 tribes and four million people. No other state has our resources, our potential, or our drive. We can do this. 

I am a quiet and reserved person by nature, but I will get loud for my people in a heartbeat and I will roar in the North Wing. I represent my Sheriffs, my Commissioners, and organizations, Tribes, and State Government Officials that build up our people. And upon entering office, these will be the people in my phonebook. 

We are not a poor state, we are not a welfare state. We are rich, we are strong, and in 2020, we take charge.

Committee to Elect Bevon Rogers
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