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Education and Other Notes

I was born in Fort Worth on an Air Force Base, where I've spent more time than anywhere else. The logos I shared are from those who have impacted my life. They need, want, demand, change and I am seeking a seat in the United States Senate to write for what they need, because it can be done, and it will be done. 

*Fox News said 91% of Latinos are unhappy about the progressiveness of calling them Latinos. People, the strongest leaders of Hispanic countries came together almost one hundred years ago and created the League of United Latin American Citizens. How is it progressive in 2020 to say Latino? Once again, you are confusing the non-Latino community thinking there are problems other than what we face. Abortion? The Hippocratic Oath states that the Doctor will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion. I will never lie to my people. When I was 25 the love of my life called me saying she was getting an abortion; I was holding 10,000 pounds of pressure for a wire line carrying enough explosive to kill every man on location. It was my last job and we were experimenting to cut production cost because the market collapsed six months ago and she felt she was going to burden our family. Where are our angels when we need them? They are here now. I know God kept my hand steady, but some people have not had experiences like this to wake them up.

Madison is strong, we started our family young, and industry made our living and we were happy. Thrilled actually because we had ranching plans, college plans, life plans. We finished college at the University of Houston - Victoria. Now we are going to carry through our ranching plans, and our life plans. You can take our jobs, you can hurt our families, but you will never break my heart nor my mind because I wear the heart of the people. 

That was our first, London. 

Me 7 years later:

Madison 7 years later:

We just want to live in the world our government promises us. 

Madison never knew what I was doing; she just knew I drove off in my monster Ford F-350 6.7 Liter, and came home smelling like oil. Just about all the men in their 20's came home to their families smelling like oil and smiling. She only called in an emergency, and I never had an emergency. I left with a case of water, two weeks of canned food, and $20. I know what it is like when you get stuck on a job for a week when it was supposed to take two hours. And I know not every oil and gas company could have Haliburton cook for us. Or Schlumberger. Frack Technologies, Chesapeake, all of them. Sabine, Pioneer, Marathon. I never worked for the middle men. Including when the government was drilling under lakes with federal money. Check the Railroad Commission; my team and I did the blow out preventers and the flare discharge valves, 7 or 11, I do not remember exactly. They were going through H&P and it was not their newest mobile rig, but the one right before and did horizontal. What would happen if a Wild Cat did that? And where are all the EPA permits for federally sponsored operations? And what market are your assets on?

I would not have to write like this and I would not have to rally every resource at 30 for United States Senate if you did what you were elected to do. I could be ranching. Playing Chess with Doctor Ellis. Raising my children. And watching the Hugo Buffaloes. 

We have a BIG problem in our Federal Government and moving forward, I want the people to stand united on these three things:

1. God

2. The People

3. The Law

And we will make it through this.If you disagree, forfeit our United States Dollars to our Treasury.

First, I want to thank President Trump for staying on top of the Coronavirus; he is calm, cool, and collected and the people need that. I do ask that he also stay on top of the FEC and fill the empty positions as quickly as possible. 

In OKC I saw the billboard where Oklahoma Oil and Gas has contributed $2,000,000,000 to our education and I cannot thank you enough. Our Oil and Gas community has always been there for us and we owe them a sincere thank you. It is not their responsibility to do this, it is the government's and I want to touch on this. Aubrey McClendon helped keep the Oklahoma School of Science and Math open when we struggled with funding; Oil and Gas was there for us. In America, we remember people by their good deeds once they're gone. I also want to say that I am not angry nor hunting for problems with Oil and Gas. I simply have strict requirements because I worked closely with the Texas Railroad Commission and I know what is expected. With this being said, Devon has the best engineers I have ever worked with and I built some 100 facilities for a gathering system they partnered with BHP Biliton with in the Eagle Ford. If any Devon engineers are reading this, I did the Seiferts outside Yorktown, I cannot fully remember the rest. I left when you guys began installing Flex Steel to learn well completion and everything else. If any Seiferts are reading this, I had some of the best times of my life working on your property, it is where I became a man. I mastered all field operations in a year and a half and was to become a Company Man before the market shut down and I transitioned into commercial food distribution. I read every book I could find and asked every question I could think of and gained the trust of just about every Oil and Gas Company operating from Eagle Pass to Shreveport Louisiana. Actually passed Alabama, because the Alabama painters and welders taught me. Spencer Mills was our guide, the Company Man, meanest man I know, in the oil field way; he trusted me to fetch his heat numbers. But he was the artist. And from Carthage. He kept us safe, made us money, and loved his wife and children just as much as I love mine. He told me if I ever lied to him about a heat number, x-ray number, or confused the valves, sales meters, or in any way compromised the integrity, I would be run off.

Our flanges were manufactured in Italy, we had parts from other European countries, and vendors were paid late, if ever. BHP Biliton is a diamond mining company based out of Australia that also does copper. If they are trying to do to us what they do to other countries, we own the patents, and we can shut off our valves. And they can call the Texas Railroad Commission if they have any problems, and the Governor may say yes or no. And given modern technology, there is no good reason not to give the boys and girls who create those patents to own a share in the royalties. The design you give us, is not what we build on the ground, and patents have to be precise. If we built it your way it would not work a lot of the time. Your designs criss-crossed like apple sauce and one time we followed through just to embarrass you; by the time we fixed it we saved you two valves, flanges, 90's, bolts, and welding time. This is what happens when you mix elites like Devon, and novices like BHP. You have big money foreign management that is not relevant to our regional expertise. My regional expertise spans this nation and I am running for United States Senate because I am too young for President, and I can fix by legislating, and enforce as President. 

BHP also required a 1,500K, maybe 1000K, it was erroneous. valve test run simultaneously with a 10,000K valve test, designed these standards and enforced them, and they were not an industry standard and they ran off every Production Service Company but me. They were impractical because on the stop we were handed new instructions and had to build this specific testing system on the spot. I heard about this and came prepared and somehow one of my valves got shut and you tried to run me off. I opened the valve, completed the test for the Railroad Commission and tried to shake your hand. Then you got the third party security. 

How many welders sold their tools to make it home? How many were not welders? These are statistics that we need to know to illustrate the impact of the lack of government oversight, assistance, and monitoring of a critical industry. I left my tools in Victoria Texas. I did not have time to even think about selling them. We have more welding to do in this country and the welders to do it. 

You know what happened when you took jobs away from 200,000 people over night while you stood idle in Washington D.C. We lost our homes, cars, food and would have starved if it was not for the deer in South Texas. We are strong, and we shouldered that burden and moved on because nothing stops us. But you made our lives, and the lives of our families impossible. That is why I am running for United States Senate. To protect the men, women, and children I love, and the same people you turn your back on. If you do not fix the FEC, and we do not have fair elections, you are going to do this again because none of you do anything but talk; none of you change. 

Gas condensate is used to fuel mach speed air craft. There should only be one country we sell mach speed fuel to and that is the United States of America. 

You did this to a son of the Revolution. You did this to a son of heroes that kept this land free, safe, with the guarantee of happiness. And you did this to his people. 

We were the most efficient building these facilities. McMann built all the separators and connected to our sales meters and our wet lines going to the well. And the futures, headlines, and mainline going to the BHP yard outside Cuero. What people must know, is that the world only has one gathering system like the one in Cuero. And it is the Emerald of our industry. My mentors can talk about the Three Rivers refinery. That was mostly sour gas from Dilley to Eagle Pass. My mentors will also have to collaborate on the Permian, Barnett, and the East Texas fields to run those criminals off. We have to make oil and gas strong to obtain the most economic return on our production and this will require a clean slate because they should have seen the $100,000,000,000 a year refining gap; not a 30 year-old living on Maui trying to regroup after a lifetime of federal oppression. You can reroute surplus production to my facility to be built in Oklahoma instead of sending it offshore. We will refine it and distribute it, create jobs, and add $100,000,000,000 to the US economy. 

And you will have to read more about my changes elsewhere, Zinc, Hemp, Cattle, Cotton, Wool. You name it. Gypsum, Limestone, Condensate, Coal, Asphalt, Lumber, Milk. Honey.

For those new to Oil and Gas, Chesapeake, through Aubrey McClendon, developed State of the Art fracking techniques during the collapse in 2007, and this opened up the Eagle Ford and the original Petro Hawk asset was acquired for $7 billion. Spencer Mills never ran me off because I never lied to Spencer Mills and we performed the highest quality on the world's finest gas condensate gathering system. 

We can do deeper drilling in the Eagle Ford too, BHP has, or had the Geothermal data. We will have to hold 20,000 pounds though and our men need to know we will not be stretched while we build, develop, and shape this nation's infrastructure. I also abandoned a Blue Star well right next to Mexico, I may have been in Mexico, actually, with 200,000 PPM Hydrogen Disulfide. The backside held at 500 and is 7,000 feet vertical, not horizontal, single line; our target zones are 12,000-18,000 and there is potential there; I cleared it for Newfound, but they may not know what to do. We used the escrow account and I was told that every well is supposed to have an escrow account, and new operators should not have any problems with it, seeing it, leveraging it, and using it as a tool for industry to be strong, United States industry. The model is that we abandon as we drill, industry leaders control our market prices, and we grow steadily with the market. Not run, stop, run, stop, walk, jog, stop. Under peaceful conditions, United Nations, United States, Oklahoma, Texas, everyone in the world just wants stability. That is easy. What is hard is maintaining chaos. And like entropy, it will each 0 while our kinetic energy keeps this nation moving forward. 

Leaders are supposed to assit. The President, Congress, Ambassadors. We should have been teaching, coaching, training, and developing our neighbors. But they have consistently betrayed people who come to this country for a better life. Their inability to facilitate these means has terrorized the people, disconnected the people, and disrupted the peace of the people. This nation was born on fundamental components that we all agree to, and you turn away from, and it will not be tolerated amongst a free and sovereign people, living in a Constitutionally Democratic Republic. The United States is strong, our people are strong, our states are strong, and our mentors will guide us as we come together and they determine what is best for our people; protect us, the Democracy, and the Rights we all share. 

I learned how to buy it, extract it, refine it, and ship it, and build a market for it in the Federal Government. My colleagues and supervisors have always been military. Like Steve Jobs said, you can only connect the dots after they have been laid out. 

I have father figures like this all over the world, including my own father. But my latest was an old Portuguese fisherman who said he was smarter than me, and I believed him. 

I love oil and gas; when I am cut, I still bleed a little gas condensate. But my family could never go through having our entire livelihood vulnerable again and I learned my lesson. Something Congress could have prevented and is something I will protect. My family relationship is still healing from the damages imposed on us and the struggles it created. She still lives in Victoria, waiting on me to go back to the field. But not until I fix Washington D.C. With your help, we will bring a lot of wives home. When people with bad motives, like leaving the United Nations or destroying our country entirely, they constantly apply pressure on the household and strategically weaken families. They intentionally stretch our hearts and minds to the breaking point and distract us. 

Remember loving your child so much, and wanting to be close but your arm is too heavy to rest on them so you resist gravity for hours so the weight of your arm does not cause discomfort and ruin the precious moment? These people want to ensure we lose that luxury.

They want to make sure you mother with acute kidney failure provides adequate return on investment; they want to contour her veins so she dies from dialysis after 7 years, 150 days a year of dialysis. We have stem cells and bio medical technologies that will save the people time and money, but instead they perform ghastly procedures to suck every drop of money while our mothers live in agony. Replacing the kidney extends life expectancy by 20 years. Dialysis 7 and incurs immense pain, disfiguration, and expenses. They choose dialysis. 

I speak the truth.

I was shaped and molded into a leader, a pacifist, and a mover. I stay true to myself and the person my mentors made me, and my mentors take care of the rest. 

I am a Stage 1, Group 3, Human Research Investigator, among other things, and the healthcare violations in this state are beyond our control. Congress must step in but they will not even fill our Federal Election Commission. I am going to increase our life expectancy. They are trying to stop it. Do not blame the doctor, blame the criminals not reporting to SEC and the PRESIDENT allowing it. His son is on with St. Jude, go figure. Your daughter dying of Leukemia? Ask TRUMP why we cannot help. Look up the 10K yourself and see unless you're a diehard Republican in a brothel.

*Update: here, the annual report. You cannot find ANY current financials on this, and other healthcare companies and is a BLATANT violation of SEC filing requirements. Oil and Gas does not do this. No one else does. President Trump lets it slide, like the health of our people. The happiness of our people. The confidence in our people. 

People, we do not know where the money is for our sick children because they hide it. We do not allow ourselves to be victims in this country.

The timeline looks like this:

1. We needed change, and were desperate, and Trump promised to make America Great.

2. He took over and immediately began corrupting every aspect of this nation.

3. The media lied, confused, and supported this effort.

4. We found out, challenged him, and now he is fixing the election by breaking our voting system in our counties.

5. What do the people do now? Absolutely no violence, we are a peaceful people. Get loud, tell your communities, tell your mentors, and our mentors, Governors, and International Leaders will help us Make America Great.

You do not represent the people Donald Trump, nor you Mountain Jim. And the people in every state in this great nation are discovering who, if any represent them. 

The people of the world must know we do not stand for corruption. We do not ACCEPT corruption. We are brave, we are smart, and we are strong; and we do not tolerate liars, cheaters, and stealers in our government. Not in our military, not anywhere. 

We watched a panel of legal experts lie to our face about our US Code. We watched our Senators ignore true impeachable offense, while chasing down Articles with as little truth as possible. I can make a list of true articles, and it will be very similar to the Declaration of Independence. We are fixing our Federal Government, and we are fixing it now. 

My doctors cannot even track down the illness because you will not enforce Unique Patient Identifies. I do not speak ill of politicians. I speak ill of people who disrespect and utterly defy the laws of my country. 

Is it really going to take a march to D.C. to fix our Federal Election Commission? I am a candidate for United States Senate and I demand a fair election. I am done telling you to do your job, Mr. President. The people, we the people, are done telling you to do your job. 

You claim to have created over 3 million jobs in the past year but unemployment remains 3.5%. You have jobs in the people's Federal Election Commission waiting anxiously to be filled. You are incompetent, stupid, a liar, or all three. None are what we elected you for. 

Prove me wrong or prove me right.

Unemployment will raise with so many created jobs unless everyone is highly trained Human Capital Management professionals filling the positions as fast as they are created. In your Fox News model propaganda, there is no economic evidence supporting your claims and you are all lying to the people. Month, after month, after month. You just cut and paste and speak the same lie with different figures. Post on your website the 270,000 new positions.

I posted five in the FEC.

ADP and Paycom, the two largest HCM firms with the majority market share, are scratching their heads with me trying to figure out who owns this purported market share. General consensus? You all have no idea what you are talking about, dress nicely, and feed us crap.

According to 90% of the market, less than 16,000 jobs were created. Now tell the people where the other 254,000 came from. I know where. Your imagination. You deport people faster than the labor force grows. You deport more people each year than we graduate from high school in Texas. Disgraceful leaders of a sovereign people. Look at your streets! Now tell us again how many jobs you created and what the unemployment is. 

I speak my mind, I speak the truth, and I have powerful friends in high places watching over me. The District of Columbia is small, our fifty states large. Your lies weak, and our truths strong. Do you understand my English? 中文? français? deutsch? I've got ten more.

You are intentionally confusing my people. You maintain a broken election system, you tell us we are weak where we are strong, and strong where we are weak. God as my witness, I will reverse your damaging social control techniques and bring this nation back to its glory

What we need to focus on in Oklahoma is better waste disposal facilities and better maintenance. Our Oil and Gas industry is old and like many issues we face in the state, we often fall behind because no one was watching. But I am watching and not to slap fees or close operations, but to coach and assist in maintaining world class oil and gas assets. It makes our state look strong, organized, and efficient and that is what I am all about.

I am focusing on education now because with the tribal resources, oil and gas, and the state, we have no reason not to be much higher, if not number one, in education. We do not have overpopulated school districts like many areas of the nation and with effort, we will rapidly climb the ranks. So where do find more resources without demanding more from industry?

The Federal Government.

Education is found in Title 20 of the United States Code and is currently non-positive and grossly under legislated. In fact, most of the education legislation has been omitted and repealed and no good data exist past 1996. It is an accurate statement to say the Federal Government has nothing to do with our education and our Founding Fathers would be livid because something every great leader focuses on is education. 

Everyone saw how easy Congress whipped out $8.3 billion for the Coronavirus and education is a state of emergency as well. When we cannot pay for teachers, that is an emergency. When we have outdated, poorly written, and cheap books, that is an emergency. Nothing I advocate is meant to restrict of undermine, I simply help build and create for the enhancement of our people.

So moving forward with education will look something like this:

1. Collect Data: we need to find out where our schools stand, what books they are using, student aptitude, nutrition, playground equipment, gymnasiums, and anything we can quantify and qualify. We likely have a lot of this data spread around but we must consolidate and rank each school to ensure monitors are in place. 

2. Write Legislation: Federal Legislators must begin cracking the code. Senator Alexander (TN) is the Chair of the Education Committee and it is time to get the committee focused. We will need books, supplies, food, and all the other components of successful instruction and absorption fixed. Each state is in charge of their curriculum, but we need to help them by guaranteeing federal support.

3. Establish New Standards: we can no longer allow teachers to be so fed up with treatment, that they walk out. We are the strongest nation on Earth and we are capable of writing $8.3 billion, we can write $50,000 when we are in danger of increasing the student teacher ratio to unmanageable levels. We also need to enforce resource standards and guarantee that when books are needed, teachers have access to the highest quality books on the market. It is silly to invest any other way when young brains, the future of this great nation, are being developed. 

4. Autism: I had a constituent address me personally about this and I will legislate for autism. For those who know my family, you know this is close to home and we absolutely must establish standards for self-sufficiency. 

We will have a lot of work to do fixing Title 20, but we will do it and relieve the stress on our tribes, state, and industry by fulfilling our obligation to the people. 

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