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77 Series: Texas County

There’s a Reason We call it Texas County

            I was born and raised in Fort Worth Texas, spending my early years thinking I was in Oklahoma. I did not believe their maps of the lone star state; I always told them Oklahoma looked like your left fist with your thumb sticking out. We were both right and I’ll leave it at that. I am pleased to tell Texas County that I am running for U.S. Senate in 2020. Oklahoma Primaries are on June 30th so you will need to be registered and ready by then if you want to participate in this world changing endeavor. I will have to win that election before I move on to face my final opponent on November 3rd.

             I want to dedicate my mind, body, and soul to the state and through making Oklahoma outstanding, the rest of the union will follow. It happens everywhere I go so I figured I should propel myself into the top echelon of our government to untangle the decade’s worth of erroneous legislature and the ensuing misdirection. I finally put my foot down and said out loud “Life could be easier. I am going to make life easier.” Read my book Sometimes it is and you will be compelled to agree, if you do not already. I must perform this function in the U.S. Congress because I have a vision that allows me to see the inner workings of nations, business, and people. I also process vast amounts of information quickly and write like I am running out of time. Combine that with my undying resolve to protect my country, my family, their minds and their hearts, and you have one serious Cherokee Warrior that can take pen and paper and save our Republic. This marks the beginning of a beautiful age in America, and I am thrilled to have this opportunity to speak to all of you in Texas County.

I was just addressing concerns with your neighbors to the left, Cimarron County, about installing wind turbines in the most advantageous place in the state, possibly the nation, debatably the world. One turbine could generate $300,000 worth of energy per year at market price. There was a company, American Electric Power, who wanted to take on the revolutionizing project for Cimarron and Texas Counties; the 800 turbines they wanted to install would have generated $240,000,000 per year in your counties, in our state. Texas had passed on the offer; they didn’t need the economic stimulus either apparently. In my mind, I could not understand how politics could interfere with something so beneficial to the state. But then again, not everyone is thinking about what is best for the state, and that my friends, is a big mistake in a Republic.

Before I go back into the topic of the wind farms, I want to elaborate on why the Oil and Gas companies fear integrating green energy. This is pretty basic economics and I must have no idea what it is like to be blinded. How could I when this torch I am carrying has so much light? I am going to have to include some basic math that just barely touches calculus, but bear with me, we are all intelligent Oklahomans.

Remember chemistry and the formula for concentrations? I had to use it when working with Marathon, Chesapeake, and many others when we were fracking in the Eagle Ford to ensure we had the right hydrochloric acid mix when we were breaking up the dolomite after perforating. The formula is this: M1V1=M2V2, where M is the concentration of subject 1 and subject 2 and V is the volume of subject 1 and subject 2. This same equation works in economics when you want to know how much an external influence is impacting your home operations. Stay with me, I am going to add some pictures and expand with algebra, only slightly: M2V2  becomes (MaVa  + MbVb), where a is United States production and b is foreign production. Together they combine and equal our total supply, or concentration, as a nation; the amount of energy we will consume. This is a steady figure that only fluctuates during war, because of the massive fuel resources to run tanks and planes and armored vehicles all over the place. Natural disasters create minor hiccups, like Hurricane Katrina and the 8 refineries in Louisiana that shut down simultaneously. That’s a big deal in energy guys; 2013 was supposed to be a good year, but it got me thinking.









This does not work though because of one important fact I will illustrate. But first, I want to say that the energy performing functions of a nation are best left inclusive, meaning a nation should never rely on another for its energy needs or risk being afraid of competition, like wind energy. How could you ever refuse green energy? Well, if .0001% influence of green energy had a 15% impact on your industry, because of silly economics, you would send it to Texas County too. Now for the proof, please do not mind the limit, they are fun:




What this illustrates is that by giving them an inch, foreign participation will take a mile, and hold our economy hostage. I will now prove the remedy, and this is a proof that I stand by politically. This is a proof that will bring a wind farm to my state in an area that needs it desperately.








So there you have it. I suppose we can call this the Economic Energy Theorem. After I wrote it out of my brain I realized I might need to ease up on my opponents. They probably never took calculus and allowed the engineers to run the game. Not anymore. I am a scientific politician, like my forefathers before me. How intimidating is green energy now Marathon? I can hear Devon’s mind buzzing. Better get on the phone with the refineries and tell them to refuse the next shipment because taking one barrel from a foreigner affects our national stability, our national equilibrium. We will sell surplus, maintain reserves, invest heavily in green energy, and this will be a problem of the past.

Thank you Texas County for bearing with me on this one; perhaps the economics lesson proves fruitful. Remember me on the Primary Ballot on June 30th 2020. I need all the support I can get to find a seat way up there.

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