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The Republic, Our Democracy: a Pamphlet for the People

                The Republic, Our Democracy: a Pamphlet for the People

             The Republic is who we are when we come together as one. Our Democracy is how we protect our Republic. The constitution lays the basic societal parameters in which we are governed. However, it requires putting pen to paper to sort out the plethora of issues bringing our precious nation to the brink of collapse. Legislation is how we correct problems that arise once we observe them. The sooner we fix the broken paragraphs or add new sentences, the better.
            "I am young, I am scrappy, and I am hungry." That was my favorite part of the Broadway show Hamilton. When I began thinking and thinking and thinking, I began to realize that there are solutions to all the problems we face. Then I began writing, and writing, and writing. I wrote a book actually, then essays, and then this pamphlet. It has now become my life mission to use my intellect, my passion, my drive and my resolve to bring about the changes that we so desperately need. 
            I speak more languages than I can keep up with and the level of fluency depends on my preparation and participation, but Chinese and Spanish are my top two. I believe that learning to speak the languages of other cultures enables you to think better globally and I have never stopped learning whenever I came across the opportunity. The 13 issues I address in this pamphlet are those that I have observed and experienced personally. It was only after I contemplated deeply, in complete solitude, that I began realizing that many of the problems I encountered had nothing to with anything more than the fact that our legislation could be written better, and I feel that I am the man for the job; I am ready and willing to work as hard as I can, sleep at the capitol, attend as many committees as possible, and never miss a vote. We have a long road ahead of us as a nation, but nothing could make me happier than to lead the way forward, lending my gifts and talents for the improvement of our Republic. 

1. The first issue I have is with the way that Oil and Gas trading is handled. I feel that there is a misunderstanding as to where we were 60 years ago and where we are today in terms of globalization. At one time, when there was only Russia and the United States as global leaders, it was appropriate for us to lend out a hand here and there and help the rest of the world rise up. But when the rest of the world was up and running, we were still holding their hands and it had a negative impact. I experienced first hand the market collapse in 2013 working in the Eagle Ford shale. From an economists point of view, that never should have happened. Why did it happen? Why did I lose good friends to suicide, watch truck after truck get repossessed and see loses of life, liberty and property? Because we allowed it to happen by adhering to an outdated global trade policy. It does not make sense to accept foreign imports of hydrocarbons when we do not need them. Especially not when doing so enables direct influence over our national production. We fix this cyclical collapsing of our oil industry when we refuse foreign imports and supply 100% of our energy needs and have a single national market for our natural resources. The production outside of our nation has a disproportionate affect on how much our crude is worth. We can have perpetual stability should we simply sustain ourselves, and nothing more. Should we desire to export once our demands are met? Excellent. But importing cheaper barrels from one country and exporting for higher margins to another country is not a successful business model. Under the issues tab I have an essay titled "Texas". Within that piece is a proof I made that illustrates why it is not beneficial to allow other countries to play oil with us. 

2. Trade Deficit – Upon reviewing the 77 counties, I have come up with several solutions to the problems that our rural counties face. I specialize in process improvement and know how to create a value chain when one does not exist. I have begun writing essays to the county newspapers guiding our citizens on how they can increase their margins by owning new processes. I am assessing each county and my conclusions can be found under the "issues" tab and the name of the county in question will be the title. I choose to spend all day every day, researching and writing ways out of our economic turmoil. Our trade deficit will be fixed when our exports become greater than our imports, no sooner, no later. I do not believe that tariffs are the solution. In international economics, the goal is to reach a trade equilibrium where we all balance at the end of the day. If we place tariffs on goods that are imported, we gain slightly in the short term, but in the long term it will cause prices to rise for other goods. No one really pays the tariff, the amount just gets shifted over to another product in the form of a price increase. It is about competition in 2020. We must outcompete the rest of the world and stop giving away money because every country is now entering global trade, it is a global market. If we cannot compete, we certainly must not make others pay a fee for our lack of ability. We are better than that and that is what my project is right now; showing how 77 counties in Oklahoma can compete. We will build modern machines with our engineers to produce high volumes at a consistent quality that is competitively priced. That is all you have to do and you will enjoy the fruits of globalization. Once we replace one import after another with our own processes, the deficit will decrease exponentially by the number of products we are now producing because a. we are not buying them elsewhere and b. we are paying ourselves to make them. We have a pending competitive advantage too, call it potential energy if you will. Because our machines will possess state of the art mechanical and electrical engineering, they will be superior to the ones the rest of the world has. We will be producing large quantities at six sigma levels while our competitors encounter higher maintenance costs, higher repair cost, and higher unit costs. They will be performing at five sigma, then four sigma, until eventually they decide to abandon the equipment, or rally their engineers to invent new ones. They will not be taking ours again. Essentially, we win just by showing up and turning our lights on.

3. Healthcare – I hear the nation calling for free healthcare. I am Cherokee and I know that it is possible. All the tribal heath facilities in Oklahoma are doing just fine providing free health care. It is not from the Casino's, that money goes toward the 28 Billion they pay each year for Oklahoma's infrastructure. There is way too much confusion right now in financial reporting, deliverance of indigent care, and Medicare reimbursements from Medicaid. I cannot even begin to untangle the web they have weaved because I cannot review St. Jude's 10K SEC filing, nor Avidant's. They both stopped reporting in 2016 and published one watered down annual report in 2017. To properly investigate and find the weak links, I will have to order an investigation for all the Fortune 500 Healthcare facility financials. I will also need to find answers as to why they are violating SEC reporting regulations. I never have a chance to look into rural hospitals, they all keep closing due to bankruptcy. Before we can even begin to derive a formula for free healthcare, we must first untangle the existing knot. Or, we could try option two: option two is hitting an internal reset button on Medicaid obligations, Medicare invoices, and indigent care losses. It will serve as a complete reset of the accounts payable and accounts receivable. In accounting, these are not cash amounts, just theoretical figures in a ledger. With the reset, there must be strict accounting enforced that documents all medical record numbers for every invoice so the numbers can be properly assessed. That data alone will point directly to where our process is flawed. We are way too smart and way too capable to allow healthcare to collapse our nation.

4. I never studied Spanish in school. I was taught Spanish by Hispanics, Tejanos, and immigrants from Spain. I worked with Guatemalans framing homes for $11 an hour to make a living at one point in time. I sweltering hot summers with Hispanics and Tejanos deep in the Eagle Ford shale. We relied on each other for survival out there and I never once met one that was violent, who did not want to pay taxes, or that stole healthcare. They did help me learn construction, general contracting, and Spanish. I believe that those who enter our Republic must have a Visa and be in the process of obtaining citizenship, should they decide to stay; that is the rules and every citizen of the United States follows them. I do want to work with the Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, to figure out why so many of his citizens are leaving his Republic. I do not know one thing about their problems but I bet we can come up with some solutions for the Mexican Nation. We can do this out of respect for the Mexican people and the Mexican culture and help them rise up; it will make us more competitive having stronger neighbors. We have a vast advantage over Mexico in terms of political stability and quality of life. It would not hurt to call and see what his issues are, we probably already have the answers somewhere in the archives going back to 1776. Advice is free, but the wall is not. A lot of times when we face conundrums, it is better to smoother the source rather than create an incubator. 

5. Credit – I have a problem with the lack of government oversight among our credit agencies. The confusing rules on how to approach bad notes and credit validations are cumbersome for people who work 80 hours a week and are rarely near a post office or a computer with internet. The Consumer Credit Protection Act helped keep some things on the level, but it needs to be taken a few steps further. The legislation that would help equalize the relationship between creditors and debtors include fair credit caps and the elimination of credit score reductions in lieu of a credit inquiry. It cost nothing for the credit agency to relay our score to a retailer, but we pay more and more because of the lower credit score it induces. Lastly, it would be much easier on our people if they could start out at an 850. I have been through market collapses, moves, and so on. Once you fall off the horse, it should not be a journey to get back on. It is insulting to hard working Americans to go on this way because credit is way more expensive than it should be, than what is fair.  

6. Insurance – I have a theory on insurance that I have been developing for some time, ever since I read Nial Ferguson's Ascent of Money. Upon further research in the industry, I discovered that insurance firms have the ability to invest freely in any market of their choosing; the stock market included. To me, this is arbitrage. A while back I was listening to a professor from Stanford talk in depth about finance and he was adamant that arbitrage cannot exist. His argument was that if one engages in arbitrage, other financiers have skewed numbers when they run financial models. He believed that true finance professionals eliminate arbitrage as soon as it comes up for the good of the whole, and I agree with him. I understand that insurance agencies must make money any way they can, but I feel that having the ability to invest freely creates risk. It creates risk that the policy holders may not be covered and it creates risk that firms may charge higher rates to either invest more money or cover losses. Upon reviewing Aflac's 2018 annual report, the one I cannot find from the hospitals, they flaunt their $120 billion investment fund that ensures global diversification. Aflac is headquartered in Georgia and our nation needs a lot of capital to build its manufacturing base. It would greatly help the United States if Georgia could have some of that $120 billion, Oklahoma would like some too. I do not have a problem with insurance, I just feel that we need to lay down rules for their investing strategies when we are striving to be globally competitive and the best investment you can make is in your home economy. 

7. Online Privacy & Data Extortion – If you run a command prompt on your computer and do a simple netstat, you can see all of the devices on your home network. It is alarming how often I see unwelcome guests lingering on my network and I can never get them permanently removed; they always come back no matter what I try. They are far more sophisticated in rooting; the undermining of an operating system. For the most part, they are only borrowing energy from your computer for whatever end they are seeking. However, the possibilities are endless and a well organized programmer has free reign in cyber space. In the world of advanced computing, the United States has a well equip Homeland Security Cybersecurity that takes incident responses and they offer training and exercises for cybersecurity. But to the untrained computer user, they have no idea what is going on and that is an unfair advantage for the people. When cyber bullies use virtual private networks, their IP addresses are never accurate and a real mac address is near impossible to track with a simple laptop. The new legislation would include network monitors that run tracerts, to trace how many jumps were used for connectivity so the Cybersecurity could locate and block the mac addresses from network violators; the mac address being the physical device used to infiltrate our privacy. 

8. The Pacific – Hawaii, Mariana Islands and Guam all have unique needs that are not currently being met. The Pacific cash crop, sugar cane, has been eliminated from the gross domestic product. The plan B was ever established and the economies are struggling to find a way to survive. Personally, I see the Pacific being ideal partners for Oklahomans to research agriculture, new farming techniques, and experiments with disease resistant seeds. The islands have very special micro climates that are not found anywhere else in the world. We can perfect our agriculture industry with them and they will be thrilled to utilize the now vacant land. As a matter of fact, Mr. Baldwin, the original owner of the cane fields, was granted the land because he did just that; he made an agriculture industry on the island. Some corporations bought the old cane fields, but are struggling to develop them. They do not have the resources or knowledge to make use of the land and are persuading islanders to lease plots with significantly reduced rates to encourage development. Oklahoman businesses could establish trade routes with the islands and vice versa while we research agriculture and grow together.

9. Food - A large portion of my professional career was spent in the food industry. The warehouses often had around 20,000 different products to be distributed throughout of channels. There is not much I do not know when it comes to where something is sourced, who packages it, and where it ends up. When I began researching the 77 counties of Oklahoma and their industries, there was one commonality. Everyone was farming something sixty years ago. I do not believe we realize the extent of the economic damage yet because it is has been going on for so long and nothing has changed. Upon further investigation, I found that most farmers were pushed out of farming because they could no longer keep up financially with the massive farms that owned the market and kept it all inclusive. I feel that it is unfair for an outside corporation to dominate a vast market, invest overseas, and eliminate all local competition. Legislation that that can remedy this begins by breaking down the vertical integration that exists in the state; it shuts out an entire market. 

10. Marijuana – The United States will stabilize the marijuana industry by developing a software application. The utilization of a SKU system with bar codes for each slot would facilitate inventory management. Either one, five, or ten pounds of a strain can be scanned and entered as inventory that is federally monitored. The app will allow all dispensaries to see what strains are available as well as put strains up for sale; thus enabling dispensaries to buy and sell on an open market. The nation’s Drug Enforcement Agency could watch it all from an administrative view with escalated privileges. The app will also handle things such as patient enrollment, human resources and accounting needs. There will be an avenue for remitting state taxes to eliminate the risk of making cash payments. One national cloud can be made with IBM Cloud Foundry so other states could join the program whenever they decide. A block chain will allow a secure way for the dispensaries to communicate and have up to date inventory information. The inherent security features of a block chain will protect patient data so that HIPPA guidelines are upheld. The creation of this software enables national control over the marijuana industry and upholds quality standards. 

11. Banking - When I was five, I would build banks out of blocks and store my collection of Italian coins. I believed the bank was the guardian of my finances because that is how I saw it at the time. Banking Reform becomes necessary when inquiries have "no solution" but $700 billion was not divided by zero. I once heard a quote from a banker that said "Give me control over a nation's finances, and I care not who leads them." I am a strong believer in the Republic and I believe we are completely capable of handling our own monetary system. New legislation would restore complete control of money to the Republic to ensure protection of our assets. Our brilliant financiers, the ones who ignore arbitrage, will establish appropriate interest rates and purchasing bonds will once again yield coupons that produce revenue.  

12. Undermining of Political Figures – Alexander Hamilton wrote elegantly on this topic in 1797. It is now 2019 and President Trump still faces the same dilemmas. Do you remember the horrifying treatment Kavanagh received when he was seeking appointment to the Supreme Court? Our children cannot doubt our elected officials dexterity, nor can the children of the world; for the posterity will lose all confidence in the system itself and become apathetic towards Democracy; an unfortunate bane to the Republic.

“Relying upon this weakness of human nature, the Jacobin Scandal-Club though often defeated constantly return to the charge. Old calumnies are served up a-fresh and every pretext is seized to add to the catalogue. The person whom they seek to blacken, by dint of repeated strokes of their brush, becomes a demon in their own eyes, though he might be pure and bright as an angel but for the daubing of those wizard painters.”

This is a paragraph from Alexander Hamilton’s Reynold’s Pamphlet illustrating the difficulties he faced because repeated calumniations became belief when repeated by the profligates over and over; refreshing the verbiage and delivering an endless stream of rancor and venom. Legislation needs to be written to stop the distraction of what is politically relevant and to restore confidence amongst our elected leaders.

13. Wind Energy - In 2018, Oklahoma missed out on an opportunity to have an 800 turbine wind farm installed in the panhandle. I projected $240,000,000 in annual revenue from the project and I understand why big coal declined it. Out of the major producers of electricity, coal is decreasing in usage when nuclear, renewable, and the other fossil fuels remain relatively constant. This project would have hurt the already weakening coal industry, but the decision that produces the most good must always be made. In this case, Texas County was to absorb substantial economic gains from the wind farm. As a state, lifting the struggling counties within relieves tension for the rest and allows the team to work harder on areas of concern. 

From this brief analysis on these 13 topics, I hope you will have a better idea as to where I stand politically. I am eager to see what Senator Langford and I produce when we work together for the people of Oklahoma. I have high hopes for the new Senator and have observed his involvement and I am proud. I do, however, want to split the committees in half with him and ensure that we at least get 250 words in every Bill written and thousands of words for the Bills that involve the industries within our state. It takes one to be outstanding, and the rest will follow. Thank you for your time and I appreciate your support in the 2020 elections.

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