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77 Series: Caddo County

                                           Nothing is Wrong with Caddo County

            Oklahoma is my home and its people are my family. We are often too busy and distracted with our own lives to take the time to really assess what is happening to our small communities. The stresses of life quickly quiet any notion we may have that something is amiss. The capacity to make a real change is smothered when obligations arise. Obligations like keeping a roof over your head, finishing education, staying employed. I know, believe me. But something happened to me. I woke up one day and said “no more’. I am an economist, a mathematician, and a globally minded individual. I am also running for U.S. Senator in 2020 to make sure Oklahomans statewide get what they deserve. We are the strongest state in the union and have a tremendous burden as energy producers, farmers, soldiers in the military, and raisers of the smartest and most capable children I have ever seen in any of my travels. I am not just saying that because I love you, either.
            Our great grandfathers have left us and along with their departure, the stories of how strong and resilient the state of Oklahoma was. For a long time our elders held a torch with a vibrant, burning flame, until it went out and it needed to be lit again. Our grandfathers then carried a torch without a flame and our fathers found no use in a metal rod. Thus, the once blazing torch that led Oklahoma to prosperity was extinguished and left lying in the red dirt. I found that metal rod and do you know what I am doing with it? I am filling it back up with Oklahoma crude, the best in the world, and igniting it once more. The stories my great grandfather told me still reverberate in my ear and I want you to hear those same stories. Except now, it is 2019, going on 2020. It is a new era and it will require us Oklahomans to come together like never before to restore our broken communities and our broken economies. I want to first address Caddo County and the cities within this majestic piece of the state. I want to examine what happened and how we can climb back out of the cave and enjoy living in the light once more. Obstacles that stood in our path will quickly deteriorate once we begin to work together; no one works harder than Oklahomans, period.
            Caddo County is special; there are 10 major highways that dissect the land going any direction, connecting to any other highway. From a supply chain manager’s perspective, this county could produce any good and distribute it anywhere in the world. If you can produce enough of a good and take it to Anadarko or Apache, the Union Pacific Railroad is still hauling freight and will help you minimize freight expenses on its way to the coast. Stillwater Central Railroad is still hauling too, and it goes right through Cyril and Cement.
Mo Betta western clothing, an Apache company, makes excellent western wear. Oklahoma can easily source raw cotton from somewhere, Oklahoma soon probably, and transform it into a higher quality textile that is also dyed, sewn, and distributed without the numerous middle men. How do you like those margins? And, did you know that Fort Cobb had three cotton gins in 1930? That sounds like a big deal at first, but cotton gins are actually quite small and can easy be stored underneath your kitchen sink. Three of those revolutionized cotton growing in Caddo. Imagine the cotton machines we could make today, right? You would really be ecstatic when you plant some cotton this fall and it grows so easily and with such quality. Do you know what my favorite part about cotton is? Naturally, cotton is perennial and it continues to grow year, after year; just like my favorite flower, the White Rose.
But, if it is not our cotton in our shirts and if it is not our sewing equipment embroidering and stitching Apache apparel, then we are hitting pop fly’s to second base over and over to our competitors outside of Oklahoma and outside of the United States. No matter how hard we swing, the ball just goes higher up; we never score a run and it is always an out when we thought it was going out of the park, a ground rolled double at least. It is unacceptable for Caddo County to accept defeat so easily when your neighbors are broke and jobless. They could own any number of the processes within your clothing company and maximize margins naturally, easily, and practically; little investment outside of time and planning is required, and thinking helps a lot too. A pen and a paper is critical in your designing phase, I prefer white computer paper because lined paper suppresses creativity. Should you pull your resources together and you need more land for cotton, have wage concerns with the new margins. Can you imagine free cotton? It is so easy that you could make cotton watching your favorite evening sitcom or news channel, or cartoon. Our brothers and cousins from the communities of Binger, Bridgeport, and Cement provide an exceptional employee pool. Some of the best people come from Cement; astronauts, artists, big time Oil men, hall of fame athletes. People still live in Hydro and Gracemont too, you just don’t see them when you’re whizzing down Highway 40 or 281. And do you know what Hinton’s town motto is?
“Always Growing Always Prospering”
            That is not a lie either and I will tell you why. You are always growing, always prospering. Your children are still having children and the circle of life is right where God intended it to be. It is important that your legislature has your back and I can help take you to the next level, I can help improve your economy by helping you with all of your small business needs. I know you’re focused on food, vehicles, college and retirement. I have your back Caddo County and once your community starts growing cotton and manufacturing your own clothing line I will ensure you encounter no issues in trade and support you any way possible. I will even recommend that you go with Paycom when you begin needing Human Capital Management software to manage your employees’ health insurance, payroll, as well as more advanced features, like Performance and Compensation and Applicant Tracking. This is exactly what smart Oklahoman entrepreneurs do, and I am running for U.S. Senate in 2020 to take all of Oklahoma to the next level. Just keep reading if you do not believe that I will take care of our state.
We all know Pine Ridge is alive and well too. They have a 10 acre winery with nearly a dozen different varieties of high quality wine. Do you like dessert wine? Well, Pine Ridge is the first producer of the fancy Eiswein in the state. Eiswein is a real treat too as the grapes are frozen while still on the vine. This is honestly the fanciest type of wine making I have ever heard of, and I lived in Italy; I admire Pine Ridge for its undying originality and taking beverage manufacturing a step further. What makes their process so unique is that when science takes over, the water that coats the grape freezes, but the sugars and other components within the fruit do not. This is labor intensive as the process requires quick action, but the market commands a high price for the effort. I have consistently seen bottles online for $75 a unit. Who wants to help the winery go from a 10 acre operation to 20, increasing quality and efficiency? All you need to do is help them with a process. Where are those astronaut brains from Cement? I know if you guys can float in space that you can surely heat up some sand and add in your own flavor, some lime or some other bicarbonate; to make a container for the wine. I bet if you asked nicely, Devon Energy would give you some sand for free to experiment. I worked with them for years in the Eagle Ford and could have 1000 pounds of your choice of grain size delivered to your shop. It is the cleanest and most environmentally safe sand out there, because it came from Oklahoma.
Want to take it to another level? Why don’t we get with Texas Instruments? I know their business well and can easily set up a meeting with any person who has an idea they want to take to the next level. Texas Instruments are the master minds behinds all your machine building components and their engineers love Oklahoma because we breed genius. Our mechanical and electrical engineers at any of our engineering colleges should engage in projects that help our economy change heading and realign the state’s competitive compass. The most intelligent inventors in the world are right here. Many of them taught me the math and physics I know today. Together we will invent America’s next economic revolution; the machines we build will enable more processes with more workers to own those processes. This results in a cheaper unit price; significantly larger margins for your business, and an exponentially increasing growth in capital within the state.
            We can take it to the next level Caddo County. But right now, we have to come back down to Earth, sorry Cement, I know you like your zero atmospheric pressure. I want you to know that I love this state and I all I can think about is bringing Oklahoma back. It is all I can eat, breath, and think. With your support, I can be your painter. I will be your painter. You know me and I know you. We both know the light and brothers and sisters, will you look at this torch I’m holding?
            The primaries are held on June 30th for United States Senate. I need your support to keep this torch alive and to foster growth and prosperity throughout Oklahoma. Between now and then, I will not stop writing every county in the state, reminding each of you how special you are and telling you exactly what needs to be done to restore Oklahoma to the wonder it is. Register, please register. Every vote counts and your votes are the canvas with which my colors of truth will bring light. Thank you Caddo County and I will write again soon; one week after I am able to get this published in your newspapers, upon which I will write you every week after until I go to the Capital to write for our state, and our nation. Sometimes it may be a poem, but no less than fourteen stanzas; any less is lazy.

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