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77 Series: Harper County

                                              Let’s Put the Pieces of Harper Together

              The first thing I notice when I look at a map of Harper County Oklahoma is the nine highways that crisscross through the land; creating a puzzle like image that begs the question, which piece is missing? When it comes to smaller communities, like those found in Harper County, I prefer to ask the people what they desire, what it is they need, but cannot grasp. If you, as a whole, are content with the agriculture that still exists in the County, great. But, if you would like an industry, there are two valid options I have determined to be viable. Both would do wonders for your local economy should you pull together and determine a product that you and your community would feel proud supply our state and then the nation.
              I am a huge proponent of wind energy and I am sure you are aware that you are in an ideal location for harvesting the free energy that nature provides. Your neighbors to the west just missed out on an opportunity to have 800 turbines installed, but I am sure we can still reach out to American Electric Power before they seal the deal with someone else. It appears at first glance that the land surrounding Laverne would be a suitable location, as long as you do not mind 400 people being employed for around three years to install the turbines and lay the wiring necessary to deliver the electricity generated to the surrounding cities. I am sure you may be hesitant at first when members of the community shoat “Wind! That will ruin us.” Please rest assured that there is no harm to be done from free energy. As a matter of fact, the more green energy we produce within the state of Oklahoma, the more hydrocarbons we have available for export. Scenarios such as this are what is going to remove us from our high levels of poverty and increase our standards of living.
              I am sure that you are curious as to what kind of numbers the turbines will generate once installed. Given the measured wind speeds in the area, I am going to assume that each turbine will generate nearly 3 million kWh a year. We as a state are not used to energy deregulation and so an assumed price of $0.10-0.12 cents per kWh is what you can charge the consumers. Once all 800 turbines are installed, the total amount should be close to $240,000,000 each year. Of course you will have the negotiation with AEM to that has to be addressed first, but any percentage of $240,000,000 puts a smile on my face, I am sure you might feel a little giggly as well. We do not have to waste any time either. First thing Monday we can reach out to AEM and set up a meeting with your county commissioner and see what we can get done.
              We still should talk about option two though, before we take our chips and head out. Our nation needs to replace some imports we rely heavily on, and quick. I am going to be straight up with you and say I do not like toys being imported, there is just something uncouth about it. I am pushing to have all of our toys manufactured in the United States as soon as possible and we can get a jump on the good product lines by taking the PJ Masks, per se. There is a secret set of processes required before we can start calling our local stores and taking sales, but no one is going to tell you them. This part is going to take some innovation and professionals call it designing or the design phase. This is where you get together with your team and you think of all the possible components that will be needed for the project to be a success. For a toy factory, you must consider the different plastics that will be used in the molds. You will have to come up with the processes needed to heat the plastic, pour the plastic, capture the plastic, and then finally paint the finished product. Of course you will have to take into account some dry time in between and it is not going to be a Santa Claus worthy figurine on your first shot, unless you’re from the North Pole too. The last part is the packaging. Some companies like to outsource the packaging materials, but if it is not from Oklahoma, then you are better off designing processes for that too. There are no black and white packaging techniques either. In Italy, they do not even package the toys; they are left in assorted bins. Have you seen any of the new boxes from Mexico? I would say your best bet starting out is to try and make better boxes than them. But essentially, you are just trying to find a way to get the product undamaged to the consumer and for a start-up, this is flexible. I am sure the neighborhood will enjoy have locally made, quality toys for their children.
              We have talked about a lot here and I do not want to overwhelm you. But a hint for when you finish your design phase, you will need to analyze next before you implement. We can talk more about any obstacles you run into on this journey we are taking towards restoring our economy. Last thing though, do not forgot about those nine highways crisscrossing through your county. Those will prove invaluable when your operations grow and you begin designing your distribution channels. I also need to mention that coming up soon our engineers from our local universities are going to be accepting machine ideas that they can turn into reality based on what you have come up with in your design phase. So the sooner you start, the sooner you can begin distributing the first line of Oklahoman toys seen in a long time.  Thank you for your time, and remember to vote in the Primaries on June 30th, 2020. I will be running for U.S. Senator and I will be on the ballot under Bevon Rogers. Have fun designing.

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