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77 Series: Cimarron County

                                                 Are you there, Cimarron County?

            I had to ask the question because for a long time, the world did not know the three counties of the panhandle existed. It is pretty miraculous how you all of a sudden showed up on the map right above Texas. I do not know who stole our Gangster’s Paradise, but it happened nonetheless. We were probably keeping our neighbors up in New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas. Kansas probably heard us too; we get loud when we’re having fun and living life. Those times have long since been gone though, like a lot of things in Cimarron County. But there is one thing for certain; those survivors of the dust bowl know that if it is gone at one time, it can definitely be gotten again. And no county re-ups from economic chaos like Cimarron County.
            Cimarron County is definitely a quaint county; quaint meaning there quaint much out there aside from Boise City, Keyes, Kenton and Felt. Cimarron County is very special, though, largely due to the Black Mesa. You might have to ask one of your native friends why Black Mesa is so special, because I cannot be telling someone else’s secrets, but I digress. Cimarron County’s history is saturated with ups and downs; overcoming the outlaws who extorted Gangster’s Paradise, the Dust Bowl in the 1930’s, flooding in the midst of World War 2. But we recovered, brushed the dirt of our shoulders, and found that Oil and Gas could be extracted for a good price. I do not want to mislead any children reading my essays, Oil and Gas is not a proper noun, but it is when we’re talking business in Oklahoma. Please do not try to get away with it on your Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests; remember that it’s only a proper noun when it is your name, the name of where you live, or the name of where you work. Back to business, we hit the jackpot when our cousins in Guymon found Helium in massive quantities and they were kind enough to share the wealth by letting us build a plant to produce it. By this time Cimarron County was top ten in the state when it came to making money.
            Does that sound like the Cimarron County you know today? Probably not and if you say yes, you might be under the impression that you’re in Gangster’s Paradise. I am sorry to inform you, but that was a Coolio song from the 90’s. You don’t have to leave though, help us strategize how we are going to restore paradise on the outskirts of Oklahoma. We lost our Helium production in 2005 when Regency decided to stop sending us crude Helium to clean up and sell. Some saw the value, but no one was protecting us on the federal level. They actually helped undermine your rights to produce, store, and sell the Helium to recover from their $1.4 billion debt by passing the “Helium Privatization Act of 1996”. Look it up and the whole lawsuit with Regency will make more sense.
            Helium is always needed, it will likely bounce back and sure, take advantage when it does, but right now the market is showing that we have way too much on the market, and it was probably supposed to go to your plant in Keyes, but that is neither here nor there. The world can only make so many funny voices from inhaling balloons at birthday parties before parents stop buying helium all together. Only a fool would sell an asset when it is worthless at its current market price, probably because they have so much of it and are so good at producing it. But Helium has enormous scientific value for future use in space, under water, and anything else that is possible with a noble gas that has one atom, is perfectly balanced with a single valence shell, and has the lowest boiling point among the elements.
            You must be asking, well, then, what do we do? We’re getting there, but you guys live all the way out in Cimarron and I enjoy this time we have together. Back to that Dust Bowl that devastated your economy back in the 1930’s, those winds have not gone anywhere and Cimarron County is in the perfect location to set up wind farms and harness the massive amount of kinetic energy that surrounds you. We need as much green energy as possible because that means that once the nation’s Oil and Gas market is fixed appropriately, we can export the fossil fuels that would have gone to energy consumption. This is the foundation for the paradise we want to see in Cimarron County, but there is more to come.
I am making light of a daunting situation. Oil and Gas cannot be relied upon as everyone’s savior just because it exists beneath our feet. It is much more complicated than that and the focus is expanding because I am running for U.S. Senate in 2020 and I have a major proposition for you. I am going to enact legislation that stabilizes our national energy industry in order to prevent market collapses that continue to happen, devastating our communities. I forgot to mention that I am an economist and a mathematician; I speak every language that a human can speak, plus the languages that robots speak, computer languages. I am a Cherokee Indian that graduated from the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics and have devoted my life to the sciences, and Oklahoma. In all seriousness, I am here to use everything in my arsenal to make Oklahoma the power house it should be and set an example for the rest of the nation to follow. I am smart, I am capable, and I am here to show you the way.
            First, I need as many of you Cimarron Heroes to register to vote and support me in the primaries on June 30th, 2020. But that will only get me halfway there. I will then have to defeat my Republican Incumbent in the election on November 3rd, 2020. That is the only way that I can get into the position I need to be in and write the laws the way they need to be for the people of Oklahoma to have control again. Do you know what the Ulupalakua Ranch does with its wind farms on Maui? They supply the island with electricity and spread the profits with the ranch employees. The state of Oklahoma will love to help install them for you at negotiated rates because we cannot say no to three million kilowatt-hours, or more considering your location, each year, with each turbine. If you have ever had to shop for electricity, you would know that the going rate is about 10-12 cents per kilowatt-hour. That is $300,000-$360,000 a year in revenue per turbine. You do the math to determine your energy requirements for the county, and then invite some factories to come to Cimarron County and give them discount electricity. Who could resist free electricity and being right on top of the Cimarron Valley Railroad for distribution? I would also suggest technology and database warehouses because they require massive energy consumption and I know some organizations who would love to come to Oklahoma and be close to Black Mesa.
            I know this will not quite restore you to 1960’s Cimarron County, but keep farming friends. I have already promised Caddo County that if they supported me, I would break down the walls that are preventing Oklahomans from making money raising hogs and chickens by breaking down barriers to market entry. Once they are gone, they are gone and we will have to produce 6 million hogs a year. So, people of Cimarron County, if you trust me, if you support me, start hoarding hogs and look for Bevon Rogers on the March 3rd Primary Ballot. I will always write my family and keep you all updated as this journey unfolds. Thank you for your time, and God bless.

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