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77 Series: Payne County

                                                       No Payne, No gain

      My name is Bevon Rogers and I am a man of industry. I cannot stop thinking about ways to make our state economy a wonder of the world. I cannot help but continuously think of ways to bring our nation out of the economic position we currently face; so I research, I think, and I write. As I started campaigning to become the next United States Senator out of Oklahoma, I began looking into every county in the state to determine what is wrong with our economy and to identify ways to remedy our weaknesses. As I continue researching, more information is discovered and I am able to slowly put the pieces together based on numbers provided by the U.S. Government in the form of our U.S. Energy Information Administration, The U.S. Department of the Interior, The U.S. Geological Survey, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. I find these resources the most reliable and they form the basis of my industrial arguments.
      I am writing essays on each county and Payne County is my 18th essay in a work called the 77 Series; my research project that sheds light on economic opportunity. As I began writing, the work evolved to create Project D3 and focuses on developing industry within the 32 counties of Oklahoma’s 3rd congressional district. The scope is large, and still growing, so please visit my website at to find a plethora of literature on my quest for economic stability, as well as what I believe in politically. Should you be compelled to vote for me, you will have to be a registered Democrat due to Oklahoma being a closed primary state. With that being said, I would like to discuss an economic opportunity for Cushing.
      I love Oil and Gas and I believe in protecting our industry. As many Oil and Gas professionals know, the United States has a Strategic Petroleum Reserve, or SPR. Right now it is at exactly 644,818,000 barrels. However, as an economist, I do not understand why the SPR has not increased with the rate of increase in energy consumption. I believe the SPR should be significantly higher and I would like for Cushing to carry the responsibility of maintaining our increased reserve crude. Should it require legislation, I will be the man to make it happen because I believe a strong reserve is the smartest investment we can make as oil men. Your city already has the existing infrastructure, I would just like to double the holding capacity and I am confident that your professionals are capable of handling the project.
      I am also concerned about our refinery situation. If both the Valero refinery in Ardmore and the Phillips refinery in Ponca City were running at full capacity for 365 days a year, we are still unable to process all of our crude oil production. I am designing this project and looking into global figures, but I am considering building an engineering spectacle that can process 3,000,000 barrels of crude oil a day. This will not only close the gap on state production, but we can purchase from our neighbors before it is sent overseas to be refined. Nothing frustrates me more than US dollars being spent on our lack of ingenuity and enterprise. The project will require a collaborated effort from many of our largest Oil and Gas producers and will take some time to complete, but the economic impact will be awe inspiring. We will cease to import refined crude the day our refinery opens because we will finally be able to handle our national output. Plus we will increase the SPR by expanding the Cushing facilities so the flow will be smooth and both projects combined will create tens of thousands of high paying jobs for Oklahomans.
      While this is developing, I will continue encouraging the creation of factories in our state, however big and however small. If a citizen designs a process to manufacture 5000 painted clay sculptures a year and be happy, good. But I will not be satisfied until every commonly used good for construction, our homes, and our children is manufactured in the United States. As our people design a process, successfully manufacture and successfully sell a product, they will make two products, then three, and so on. I am pushing for some way to structure a program with our state universities, like Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, to pool together senior mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineers to build machines for our people’s designed processes. I have Texas Instruments waiting for a chance to fuse their advanced microchips and electrical components with our Oklahoman ingenuity to create state of the art manufacturing machines that can produce globally competitive quantities. I aim to have all of our state universities engaged in this endeavor and I believe that the rest of the country will catch on quickly.
      In addition to Oil and Gas projects and the designing of new factories, I also want to reopen our metal refining industry. There are several economic opportunities right in front of us that must be engaged, the sooner the better; there are billions to be made in the industry and there is no place like home to begin designing new processes that have no environmental impact. It is possible, others are doing it, and we can come together and so as well. This time will be different and we will not allow damage to occur to our local communities as a result of our industrial ambition. We are conscious and we will do things right. We may need to clean up as we build, but foreign direct investment will help cover the costs should others not believe in our commitment and our capabilities. Having me as a legislator in Washington D.C. will also help with our industrial revolution, and I am a man of integrity; I will cut no corners for this to transpire. That would take away from the magnificence.
      I am the man for this job and I will be breaking down barriers for our people and we will see a new age of industrial Oklahoma, expansion of agricultural markets that were closed for a long time, and new textile mills utilizing West Texas cotton and what amounts of rural communities can produce. There is a lot I have planned so please check out my campaign page to see what all is underway. Thank you for your support and helping me create a brighter future for Oklahoma.

Committee to Elect Bevon Rogers
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