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77 Series: Osage County

                                           The Great, the Powerful, the Osage

      The Osage Nation has roots in the Ohio and Mississippi river valleys dating back to 700 BC. They grew to become the largest and most powerful tribe in the Great Plains and were feared by other tribes for their presence in battle. They survived by hunting buffalo and kept moving south to avoid conflict with the warring Iroquois. Eventually the tribe settled in Oklahoma, but their legacy of being the strongest, most powerful warriors carries on to this day; there are stories of the tribe being involved in conflicts where their opponents were decimated and not one Osage was killed. Economically, the tribe flourished; this is due in large part to the incredible business acumen of Principal Chief James Bigheart, who in 1907 was able to keep all the mineral rights within Osage County for the tribe. I admire the Osage, I respect the Osage.
      Being Cherokee, I have a deep understanding for the difficulties that our tribes faced rebuilding after relocating to Indian Territory. But we did so with grace and we continue taking care of our tribal citizens first and foremost. I spent some time reviewing the Osage Nation’s website and was awestruck with the amount of departments the Osage Nation has; I counted 36 on their website. Any service you could possibly need can be found, health, education, enrollment questions, financial assistance and help with problems at home. It is truly remarkable and the tribe has both the Osage Nation Constitution and the Osage Nation Code. Title 2 in the Osage Nation Code deals with children and has 8 chapters; I am amazed at how this tribe organizes their priorities and I could not be happier writing an essay discovering the civic treasures within Osage County. Here is a link to the Osage Nation website, you must see for yourself the structure and organization that this ancient civilization carries today: The Osage Nation
      I am humbled by the magnificent Osage Nation and would like to introduce myself to the tribe. My name is Bevon Rogers and I am a 30 year old candidate for the United States Senate. I come from a long line of military colonels and moved around a lot growing up. Our family home is in Choctaw County and I came to Oklahoma at age 14. I graduated the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics and became a man of industry. I have spent years working in oil and gas, commercial food distribution, and have a bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management from the University of Houston – Victoria. I fell in love with a Choctaw and together we raised our daughter. My life has been full of decisions, consequences, and overcoming obstacles. From my successes, I have acknowledged the important core values that I possess and what enabled me to power through my tribulations to become the man I am today; I exude perseverance, resilience, ambition, focus, and the most important of all, compassion. I am fearless and continuously strive to be the best, the smartest and most effective person I can be. I let nothing stop me from elevating myself and those around me and this has led me to achieve amazing things in my life.
      Our state and the nation we live in has trouble right now and I cannot rest until something is done. The United States built their Republic on Democracy, and I wish to use the system to get elected by the people in order to bring about changes that are desperately needed for our survival. I want to become a legislator in Washington D.C. and write legislation that destroys barriers that keep our people from participating in various markets. I want to reform the banks that use tricks with numbers to hide intention and I wish to make rules that decrease credit agencies from taking advantage of the poor and I want to make rules for how insurance companies invest their billion dollar funds. I want to stop the public humiliation of our political figures so our children regain their faith in their government. But most of all, I want to restore economic stability in Oklahoma and in the United States and be global competitors again.
      I began an economic work called the 77 Series. In this work, I examine each of the 77 counties in the state of Oklahoma; I research their history, the current and historic industries, their available resources, as well as their household incomes. My aim is to create a blueprint for our state to follow that will rebuild our broken economy. This is my 15th essay in the series and I have already made significant progress. The counties I have examined so far contain pieces to what is called Project D3; a project to bring factories, textile mills, refineries and wind energy to the district. I advocate the use of our state minerals, growing cotton again to use in our mills, and new railroads that connect Oklahoma to the rest of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and to the Pacific. I am an economist and I see where our farmers were locked out of the hog and poultry markets and I strongly believe in reopening these markets with legislation to eliminate the barriers for the benefit of every citizen; this entails Oklahoman farmers raising 6 million hogs and 25 million chickens annually for state consumption. We have the facilities to process the volume and we have the farmers eager to regain lost enterprise.
      I will need support, especially in 2020 to make my visions of a better Oklahoma come to fruition. Oklahoma is a closed primary state, so only registered Democrats will be able to vote for me in the Primary Election on June 30th. I ask that the Osage Nation champion my endeavors to create a better world for generations to come. I will be thrilled to visit the Osage Nation and meet with the elders to further discuss my ambitions and how I can help the tribe’s needs as a representative in Washington D.C. As Native Americans, it is our duty to protect this land and its inhabitants from the things that distract us from what our life is all about; the freedom to love, freedom to think, and freedom to feel. The pressures of this world have become too burdensome for those outside our tribal boundaries. Surviving in the world today takes the sweetness from life and I wrote a book called Sometimes it is that fully illustrates what it is like for a young native family to go through the struggles of surviving, obtaining college degrees, and only then to struggle some more as surviving this life pulled our family apart; it does not have to be this way. So I fight for truth and the light because I know the creator and I know my cause is just and with the support of the Great Osage Nation, I can make a better world for all of us.

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