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77 Series: Love County

                                                You must Love Oklahoma

    My name is Bevon Rogers and I am running for U.S. Senate in 2020 as a Democrat. In order to support me in the Primary Election on June 30th, you will have to be a registered Democrat because Oklahoma has closed primaries. I have been closely examining each county in Oklahoma to discover where the weak links are in our state’s economy and I have compiled each economic essay in a project called the 77 Series. You can find the series on my campaign website, My primary focus is on Oklahoma economy, but in Oklahoma’s fourth congressional district, my focus is on building our industry through expansion in our meat processing industry. The economic endeavor for congressional district four is called Project D4 and the objective is still taking on new direction as the last Oklahoma counties are being examined.
    Love County has experienced what most of our Oklahoma counties have experienced. Marietta, the county seat of Love County, had Siemens and Marietta Bakery, two solid operations, close due to bankruptcy. This is an unfortunate pattern we see throughout Oklahoma industry. As an industrialist, I must examine what caused this to occur and from using economic principals and some research, I can usually determine what went wrong and what we can do to replace the lost industry. Luckily in Love County, the Chickasaw Nation was there to pick up the pieces; they bought both facilities that closed, reopened them, and continue to supply jobs for our communities in Oklahoma’s fourth congressional district and beyond.
    It is essential that we have a legislator in Washington D.C. who will aggressively defend the interests of Oklahoma industry. I want nothing more in this life than to be that man for our state. I truly feel that I possess the necessary skills to ensure our industries are protected. Furthermore, I believe I know what needs to be done to break down the barriers that exist. I know where we are not protected and I am sure that other states face the same issues. In United States Congress, I will be working closely with Senators from other states like Oklahoma; states that have lost their industry and seek to regain control over their trade deficits and to improve the lives of their citizens.
    It is our duty as legislators to form the policies for our nation’s enterprise; it is our duty to ensure they do not get too large and obtain too much control over our market participants. When state businesses begin collapsing and poverty is rampant, then it is time to legislate. It is time to legislate when we have run out of options despite doing everything we can to bring in new businesses and operations. I recognize this need for our state and I am totally dedicated to seeing this through; I will make sure that we see the Oklahoma that we talk about in the 77 Series. I am going to continue developing the congressional projects and I will take our needs to Senate in January of 2021 upon being elected in 2020. I am in the prime of my life and I will be a force to be reckoned with. The United States House of Congress know I am coming and they know I have some ideas that will change our nation for the better; these ideas we reorganize the power structure of U.S. industry and allow for more participants in our various industries.
     It is a good thing to fight for the people. When you use seamless logic, firm economic principals, and you carry yourself well, without undermining political figures or current policies, you get somewhere. The people are ready for change, and I am a person who is proposing changes that will enable Oklahoma to reach new levels of success. Having written the 77 Series and designed five congressional projects, I am well on my way to becoming the next U.S. Senator from Oklahoma. I know we have what it takes, and I will make sure we get to where we want to be; we want to be the best state in the United States.
     Love County is a sparsely populated county along the Red River. It is home to the epic Winstar World Casino and is the county’s largest private employer. Before the county lost its industry, the community was engaged in numerous agriculture related industries and the Chickasaw Nation continues to support some of these old operations. Moving forward, I want to meet with our industry leaders and walk through their processes. I will need to know exactly what difficulties we face and why it is so difficult to remain profitable if we are doing our due diligence to reduce waste and operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. I can only do so much analysis without being on the ground floor and in order to better understand the obstacle we face, I must do field work to see where legislation can help even the playing field and enable fair competition within our developing industries and our existing industries.
     As we move into 2020 and our five congressional projects continue to develop, I will continue to expand on the 77 Series; I will update this economic resource every time we make progress or I uncover pertinent information in relation to what is on record now within this series. The goal is to have a comprehensive idea as to what our state needs in order to thrive. This will be an evolving project as once we achieve our objectives in the five congressional projects, we will have five new projects and the cycle will continue as long as I am in Senate and working toward the economic development of the state. I do love Oklahoma and this state is my home; I know that we can be the number one state in the U.S.; if you agree with my vision of the best Oklahoma, support me. I need your vote in 2020 and I will be all over the place during the remainder of my campaign. Ask someone you know about me, I am sure they will say good things. I look forward to working with the 77 counties and the 38 Sovereign Nations in the future. It will take all of us to make this happen, but the hard part is over; we have a scope and an objective, now all we need is follow through.

Committee to Elect Bevon Rogers
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