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77 Series: Logan County

                                               Logan was a U.S. Senator too

      Logan County was named after a United States Senator from Illinois that fought in the Mexican - American War. He was an equestrian like many of us in Oklahoma. But that is neither here nor there. Something that I consistently find as I research the 77 counties of Oklahoma is that each county population is relatively similar to what it was during statehood. Guthrie, for example, has a population of 10,191 as of the 2010 census, and in the Land Run of 1889, it was just about the same. This is a consistent pattern in congressional district 3, except for Enid, Stillwater, and a few others. The Oil and Gas industry in the 1920’s caused many of the other communities to expand, but in 100 years, not much change has occurred. Railroads caused booms here and there as well, but the general trend is replacement level population growth for communities without industry.
      Right now, I have an economic endeavor called Project D3 being developed that encompasses the 32 counties with Oklahoma’s 3rd congressional district. Project D3 evolved from my 77 Series, which is a compilation of essays on the economic condition of the counties, their history and what went wrong in their economies. Many of the problems are the same county to county so I began making a blueprint for how we can bring about economic change and rebuild the old economies. Either we will have to bring new industry, replace old industry, or break down barriers to market entry so our people can compete in agriculture markets like hog and chicken breeding. The same way that government had to break up Standard Oil and the auto industry, the government needs to now break down the vertically integrated chicken and hog processing facilities to encourage new market participants; I am still doing my due diligence and beef may be added to the list as well, along with refining grain.
      My name is Bevon Rogers and I am running for U.S. Senate in 2020 as a Democrat. Oklahoma is a closed primary state, so should you choose to vote for me in the June 30th Primary Election, you will have to be a registered Democrat. I want to be the driving force for this shift from poverty to prosperity. Check out my campaign website,, to see the rest of the 77 Series, an outline for Project D3, and much more about my congressional campaign thus far.
      Logan County is going to play an important role in Project D3, every county is. The objective of the project is to increase the median per capita income by 30%, or $15,000 in one six year term, but with the agenda so far, this will likely occur much sooner. In order to accomplish this we will need bring back metal refining. In the past, Kay County had a Zinc smelter. However, the processes were flawed and toxins leaked throughout Ponca City. This will not happen again as we have new capabilities to separate the Zinc from the zinc ore. The margins on refining zinc ore are huge, and our nation is losing billions by having other countries refine our metals. The same is true for our crude oil. Being a net exporter of crude oil means nothing when you buy back refined products, ultimately paying more than we received. This is due in large part because Texas produces such an enormous amount of Oil and Gas that we are unable to refine all of the production. I would like for Oklahoman Oil and Gas companies to partner in an engineering marvel, a refinery with the ability to process 3,000,000 barrels of crude oil a day. This will close the gap on our state production that does not get processed, and keep the nation from importing refined petroleum products. Additionally, I want to increase the Federal Reserve of Oil in Cushing because the volume has not kept up with the increases in domestic consumption. These two projects alone will bring billions into the Oklahoman economy, thousands of high paying jobs, and compounded with metal refining, will put us close to the Project D3 objective.
      I am also encouraging new entrepreneurs to begin experimenting with plastics manufacturing so that Oklahoma can begin producing goods that would otherwise be imported from overseas. I also would like to see cotton make a comeback and I am researching ways to have a textile mill built in Project D3. The increase in agriculture, industry, and manufacturing is desperately needed not only in Oklahoma, but the nation as well. I believe that by Oklahoma being the first to rise up is truly special. However, we still need a strong legislator on the frontline making sure that nothing smothers the torch we are holding together as we begin rebuilding our state’s economy, from the ground up.
      There are still some uncertainties I have yet to resolve; I would like a railroad that enables the state to efficiently trade with Texas, down through Mexico, and out to the Pacific. I believe that this is going to provide significant economic opportunity and I am still determining where the best location will be for the tracks to run through. Perhaps we should rebuild multiple lines that were once active, connecting all the counties to a central vein heading south. We will need to discover ways for Logan County to export freight and there is no reason Guthrie cannot begin building a manufacturing base as well. It is easy to get started; all you have to do is begin designing a process. I suggest reading up on Formosa’s various plastics, watching videos on injection molding, and beginning to experiment as a community. In the near future, once we reach the point where our processes become so complex that we need new machines built, we will have our engineering students at our universities collaborate and build them based off our needs. It will be a powerful bonding experience.
      There is a bright future ahead of us Oklahomans. It will take some grit, hard work, and thinking outside of the box. But that is exactly what we do best; it has just been a while. I look forward to working with Logan County in the upcoming months as Project D3 unfolds and the campaign progresses, leading up to the Primary Election. I hope to have your support, I know that I am right for the job and I have the vision and nothing will distract me from ensuring that the dream of a better Oklahoma and a better United States will come true.

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