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77 Series: Greer County

                                                    The Greer, The Better

      It makes absolutely no sense. This is the third county in a row that I have researched that has lost its population over the course of a hundred years. This is tragic and something must be done. Please take a look at the majestic court house that was once thriving with economic activity in the Greer County:

      Now tell me how can one and three children be brought up in poverty with such a domineering structure displaying such prominence and indignation? It is unacceptable, not when our textile industry is on the rise and we have pressing oil and gas concerns within the state. Oklahoma’s 3rd congressional district is proving to be a land full of potential and I want nothing more than to be on the forefront of our industrial revolution in Oklahoma. I want our people to thrive, our children to be focused on academics and athletics, and our young families to experience nothing but exactly what this life is meant to be, a peaceful exercise of love and compassion.
      When I was a student at the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics, they encouraged us to go out into the world, study what is happening, then return once we have arrived at our conclusions. I am one of those students who did just that and I am here now to bring about the changes I see are necessary for our nation to compete globally and thrive as it once did. It requires such an approach because our minds were trained by the best people in the world, literally, and I will stop at nothing to bring my people the tools they need to bring in new industries and create a better world for their families. This is not an obligation nor is it an endeavor to do what is best for myself or my interests. If that were the case, you would see me building textile mills and other enterprises using my existing connections. No. I want my Oklahomans to see the economic opportunities that lie before them and I want our state to make the billions and billions because that is what is best for a Republic; that is what is best for our Democracy.
      I have only uncovered some of what needs to happen within our state to bring about change. Nothing I have written in my 29 essays thus far is impossible or even close to it. I have hundreds of support letters to write and a whole congressional campaign to organize but I believe in the ideas I present to my people with my whole heart. I believe that I am the man to represent you in legislature. I believe in my goals of changing legislation to present new opportunities and break down existing barriers. All I ask is that you support my endeavors for a better Oklahoma, a more prosperous Oklahoma. I have the rest of the state to examine still, but as I am wrapping up the scope of Project D3, there is a now a sealed, stamped, and delivered message to the people illustrating how I can help create a better world for our communities.
      It will take a combined effort, pulling in all of our available resources and existing infrastructure but we can do it. When you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain, you are in a good place. You are in a good place to take a chance on a new politician who sees economic opportunity and is not afraid to manifest it. I fear no person nor organization and I am willing and ready to make the legislative changes that are required for our state to see a better tomorrow, starting today. I hope that my fellow Oklahomans feel the same and support me in 2020 to represent our needs as a state. I want the best for our communities and when I see an open door, I am more than willing to walk right through it, bringing all my constituents with me.
      My name is Bevon Rogers and I am running for U.S. Senate in 2020 as a Democrat. In order to support me in the Primary Election on June 30th, you will have to be a registered Democrat because Oklahoma has closed primaries. I have been closely examining each county in Oklahoma to discover where the weak links are in our state’s economy and I have compiled each economic essay in a project called the 77 Series. You can find the series on my campaign website, As I began writing essays on the counties in Oklahoma’s third congressional district, I began to piece together Project D3, an economic endeavor to raise the median per capita income of the congressional district by 30%, or $15,000. In order to do so will require legislation and a whole lot of industrial grit; I am the perfect man for the job.
      Our Oklahoman industrial revolution is not limited to cotton and textile manufacturing either. Rather, it is a combination of several components. Our oil and gas industry is among the strongest in the world and so is our agriculture. Oklahoma is in the prime location to facilitate growth in all of these industries and as a supply chain expert, a technology guru, and a political genius, I will help bring together the resources required to bring about completely new levels of prosperity to our struggling communities. Counties like our Greer County should not be experiencing economic hardship. Not with a booming textile industry, superior technology, and a hungry population.
      As I move forward with my campaign for United States Senate in 2020 I will need support from communities like those throughout Oklahoma’s 3rd congressional district. I am going to stop at nothing to make sure our people have access to the global markets that our lands and resources give us entry into. All that is required is for the constituents to take a leap of faith and try something different. To believe in a millennial like me; a person not bound by prior negotiated constraints, but someone who is eager to ensure that our grandchildren and our sons and daughters have the capability to enjoy participating in global trade. I want to ensure that our technology and our industry come together and bring about a new era of prosperity to every home in Oklahoma.

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