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77 Series: Garfield County

                                                  I know Garfield likes Cake

      Cake is a millennial term for economic gain and the old cartoon cat was notorious for his love for the by-product of eggs, sugar and refined grain. I have been working on an economic project called the 77 Series where I examine the counties of Oklahoma and piece together the strengths I find while encouraging change in the weaknesses. I am a man of industry and I am focusing now on what is called Project D3; a project that harnesses the 32 counties within Oklahoma’s 3rd congressional district. The vision of the project is to build factories in our struggling communities that supply our state with goods like toys, glass bottles, and the home decorations you find at Hobby Lobby. I also would like to see cotton growing again and cotton gins being used to clean the raw material for a textile mill that produces textiles for our apparel companies. I would like for the people to design these processes and for our engineering students to build them with the help of our Nation’s top technology devices. I believe we are capable of competing globally and the competition starts as soon as we begin this process of designing our economic machine.
      Oil and Gas, food and energy are also a big concern of mine and Project D3 includes plans to open markets for chicken and hog production and close markets that hurt our Oil and Gas and energy production market. I want to protect our energy resources by expanding our use of wind energy and using the coal saved to export while maintaining coal energy in areas that require it. The 77 Series has information detailing these processes and will require federal legislation where state legislation cannot bring the changes needed for Oklahomans. My name is Bevon Rogers and I am running for United States Senate in 2020 as a Democrat to push for the changes needed to create a stronger Oklahoma. Oklahoma is a closed primary state so Republicans cannot vote for me, only registered Democrats will be able to help me in the Primary Election on June 30th, 2020. Your support will make Project D3 a reality, as well as the upcoming projects that continue to develop as I continue this economic masterpiece.
      Garfield County is in a fortunate position that most counties never experience; it has an Air Force Base, the largest grain elevators in the world, flour mills, and a chemical plant. It is also the headquarters of numerous corporations. This brings the county a lot of cake. Garfield County will make the perfect industry capital for Project D3 as it already has so many operations headquartered in Enid. The keyword is headquartered, meaning their operations exist in other localities. Collecting corporate taxes is good for the county and Vance Air Force Base does incredible things for the economy. Garfield County will be a strong industrial manufacturing hub too and is just in reach of the wind energy that can be farmed in the panhandle and other wind rich counties. Railroads once crisscrossed through Garfield County, but many are no longer in use. It is still too early in this project to determine the best location for a new train hub, but given that Enid has the grain elevators and mills, it is not a bad idea. A central place for gathering raw materials makes the perfect place for refining them and making a variety of products.
     The same goes for Oil and Gas production and refining, but Oil and Gas is transported via pipelines. Our hydrocarbon industry will need a hub as well for making gasoline, various gases for residential and commercial use, and the plethora of other industrial purposes. The Philips Petroleum cracking plant is a good start for an Oil and Gas hub in Guymon just like an agricultural hub is ideal in Enid for its grain elevators. What Guymon and Enid will need to do now is expand their operations to include more processes. Guymon should further refine the cracked hydrocarbons and make more products and this will entail new pipelines to transport products and new refineries will have to be welded. Enid should make breads and other grain products for the distribution warehouse in Woodward County and will undoubtedly distribute refined grain to surrounding states, through to Mexico, and out to the Pacific; we will have to rebuild that railroad, though.
     If there are only a small number of buyers of grain, then market interference exist for Oklahoman’s aspiring to manufacture cereals and other refined grain products. Should market interference exist upon further research, someone will have to be ready to address the situation in the legislature. I want to be that person and I already have a list of 13 priorities that need to be addressed on a federal level. You can read them on my website, The pamphlet consists mostly of federal issues, but they have positive impacts on Oklahoma too.
     Back to the issue on manufacturing dry grain products, a monopsony may exist. A monopsony is a situation in which a buyer buys so much of a product or raw material, say grain, that they control the market price and keep the market closed for other sellers making the same products with the refined grain. Essentially, if a monopsony exists, an Oklahoman would not be able to buy refined grain, make cereal, package it and distribute it profitably; nor any other product that uses refined grain as a raw material. Thus, a monopsony must be broken down with legislation in order to open the market up for new operations. If a monopsony has completely expanded without control, the control of retail price for products made with refined grain is completely controlled as well. Market research and some analysis must be done to determine the effect on retail prices once the monopsony is broken, but a process that buys an amount of refined grain and makes a cereal for commercial distribution should be viable given the amount of grain produced in the state.
     Project D3 is evolving nicely and Garfield County is going to play a major role in the development of Oklahoma’s economy in the near future. As I continue researching and designing, I will be able to draw a map of what the future industrial Oklahoma will look like. Then I will be able to focus on where the train tracks will need to be laid to ensure our by-products of Oklahoman ingenuity make it to markets throughout the world. I have high hopes for these projects and if you like where this is going, your support will be helpful. Voting for me to represent the needs of Oklahoma will allow this vision to come true.

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