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77 Series: Custer County

                                                             Custer it is

      I finally determined the ideal location, after intense consideration, to be the ideal location for a textile mill. Custer County has access to highway 40, which dissects the nation as well as a network of railroads than crisscross the nation. Arapaho will be a perfect place for the first of three textile mills in the scope of Project D3. One in four children live in poverty in this small town and there is little opportunity for the people in the communities of Custer County. The sooner we can get this project underway, the sooner the people from this struggling community can begin work.
      There are vast cotton fields in Texas, and Custer County is equi-distant to two different fields, enabling the mill to source from two sellers. When sourcing raw material in an industry, you always want to have as many sources as possible in case one should fail, not have the needed inventory, or not enough inventory. It is a form of risk management and is good business. The close vicinity to the cotton fields also reduces freight expense because we may be charged by the mile, maybe not. It will depend on the company carrying it. Arapaho is also close to Apache, the city that the Mo Betta apparel is headquartered as well as Interstate Highway 40. We will need to get in touch with the company owner to manufacture apparel textiles that suit their needs so they can begin manufacturing their own clothing and enjoying larger margins. In the infant days of the business, we will use a shipping van to transport our textiles.
      We will be aggressive with our sales because when there is market growth, we take it because we are the best and most efficient producers. We will expand quickly and have a steady stream of cotton coming in by railcar and as cotton is being unloaded, we will be loading the rail cart right back up with finished textiles going to Canada, Mexico, or to the Pacific for Asian markets; anyone that wants to buy, we will sell. There are multiple textile markets, five actually, and we will expand operations into yarn and fabrics, but other counties will enjoy the fruits of those operations and that will be addressed.
      Until the equipment comes in and the operation is set up, there are no certainties as to the number of employees, but running 24/7 is definitely on the agenda. There will be a nighttime differential rate and overtime will have to be mitigated, but I believe ten hours a week makes a smile a little brighter on pay day. But, production must be deserving of being paid time and a half and there is zero tolerance for violating safety guidelines when operating any machine. This can be a wonderful opportunity, but people getting hurt can quickly bring the business to an end. So be cognizant of the dangers inherent when working with machinery.
      We will make sure our employees have good benefits and we will use Paycom’s Human Capital Management software. I worked for the company and I think it provides an exceptional competitive advantage by keeping up with payroll, employee benefits, time-off requests, employee data, applicant tracking, and so many other modules that can be used as the business grows. The software also allows employees to log in via their mobile phone to enroll in benefits, request time off, complete training and other online paperwork. We will be able to keep track of everything without the use of a typical office with all the paperwork and such. I am an expert with the technology and we will utilize it to its full potential, saving the company from having to bring on human resource personnel. This will allow our wages to be higher than others in the industry because we are operating more effectively. Our price advantage will be a result of our hard work and efficiency.
      There will be a period of learning, as is true anytime we enter a new industry. But just like the first day of school, the nervousness only lasts the first couple days. We have designed and we have analyzed this textile mill in Arapaho. We have our buyers, suppliers, and I would be thrilled to be there to guide the initial development stages and then depart once the people of Custer County had a grip. With the development of our manufacturing base being so important, it should not be too difficult to get the financing together and have this underway as soon as possible. I know that thousands of acres are about to be harvested in Texas, and the timing could not be any more perfect for all of us to come together and make this happen.
      My name is Bevon Rogers, by the way. I am running for U.S. Senate in 2020 as a Democrat. Oklahoma is a closed primary state and you will need to be a registered Democrat to vote for me, Republicans will not be able to support me in the June 30th Primary Election. Nonetheless, this essay is part of the 77 Series, an economic project where I examine the counties of Oklahoma and research the history and current economic conditions of the county to figure out what is wrong and how it can be fixed. I am focused right now on the 32 counties of Oklahoma’s 3rd congressional district in an endeavor called Project D3. This textile mill is just one aspect bringing us closer to our objective; to raise the median per capita income of the district by 30%, or $15,000 within six years.
      There is a lot more to come too. We still have a high capacity refinery to build, more textile mills, factories, a metal refinery, and with your support, I can open up entire markets for our people by breaking down barriers that keep the people from breeding hogs and chickens. This is just the beginning of a new industrial Oklahoma and I will continue with the 77 Series until I find a solution for every county and ensure everyone experiences the bliss of a strong economy. Oklahoma is long overdue, but the torch is brighter than ever. Day by day we will continue rebuilding, together. Thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you as soon as someone decides to own a textile mill, or I hunt down the financing, whichever comes first.  

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