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77 Series: Creek County

                                        When you’re up a Creek without a Paddle,

      What do you do? Do you wait for the canoe to take you down the river indefinitely? No, not in Oklahoma, not anymore. The time has come for Oklahomans to stop allowing ourselves to be complacent as our economy dwindles further from its former majesty. We have some of the best hydrocarbons in the world, we have the best locations for harvesting wind energy, we have coal and coal plants, we have Zinc and gypsum and limestone, we have fertile farmland, and we have Oklahomans. There is absolutely no reason that our state should be in its current state and I am running for United States Senate in 2020 to ensure the right changes are made in legislation to enable Oklahoma to thrive once again.
      Everywhere I look in Oklahoma there are problems causing the state to bleed money, problems that block farmers and entrepreneurs out of entire markets, and problems that make our goods more expensive because we do not take control and refuse to allow other enterprises to out compete us. We are Oklahomans and our forefathers took the land they could and grew wheat, cotton, oats, alfalfa, barely and sorghum. They raised beef, hogs, chickens, and rode on horses. When they found oil, they produced it. When they found zinc ore, they produced it. When they found gypsum and limestone, they produced it; nothing stopped them from economic progress and we built refineries, railroads, and factories. Our cities were flourishing and my great grandfather told me stories of how it once was, and I want to bring it back.
      In an attempt to discover what happened to our Oklahoma economy, I began researching the history of each county, studying the industries we once had and why they are gone now. I began writing essays on each county’s economic condition and I am now compiling the essays in what I call the 77 Series. Oklahoma’s 3rd congressional district has so many opportunities that I have begun Project D3; the project identifies available resources, existing facilities, and areas desperate for economic activity. A blueprint began to develop that painted a clear picture of what the future industrial Oklahoma is going to look like. I was thrilled when I began researching Creek County and saw that Sapulpa is in the process of building the Stillwater Central railroad; that is exactly the type of moves we need to be making.
      The state and the nation still need products that were once made in Bristow and we can surely bring them back. Now is the perfect time to design processes and build machines to begin competing globally again and to reduce our reliance on imports. That is destroying our state and destroying our nation and it is up to us as Oklahomans to do a 180 and do the things we love to do; we build infrastructure and we love our family. We do not stress when we are surrounded by economic opportunity and today we turn opportunity into fortune. I am pushing for our engineering students to design new machines, with the help of technological components from Texas Instruments. I encourage counties throughout the state to find a product to replace and so far we have people in the design phase for a toy factory in Harper County, a glass bottle manufacturing machine in Caddo County for the winery, several home décor manufacturing process to replace the items being sold in Hobby Lobby and everywhere else from China. What can Creek County design that our engineering students can manifest?
      We need more refineries as well. We have a petroleum cracking plant in Ponca City that breaks down hydrocarbons, but at full capacity, all the refineries in the state cannot handle our production. As we begin to build our manufacturing base again, we will need access to plastics and the slew of other materials; since it is our crude, we should keep the whole process in state. Average income for plants on the Gulf Coast is $70,000 a year, why should we giving away our opportunity for prosperity? We should refine our gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. And this is all part of Project D3. In Kay County we had a Zinc refinery. We are losing billions and billions a year by sending our 900,000 tons of gross national zinc ore production overseas, then buying the refined Zinc back. That must change and we must start thinking about competition and thinking about continuously improving.
      We have major issues in our agriculture industry; our farmers are unable to raise hogs and chickens profitably because barriers to entry exist. I am strongly pursuing legislature that breaks down these barriers and allows our farmers to raise the 6 million hogs a year and the 25 million chickens for our processing plants to produce and satisfy our state consumption. This will have an enormous impact for our rural communities. We produce enough food to distribute it ourselves throughout the state and I have suggested opening a distribution warehouse in Woodward County. I want to see Oklahoma growing cotton again and for people to separate the seeds with cotton gins that fit underneath their kitchen sink. I want a textile mill to provide textiles for our apparel companies with the cleaned cotton. We can buy the cotton that West Texas produces and beat India and China in the lucrative textile industry. It only takes 350 cotton balls to make a long sleeve dress shirt and I want to see our struggling communities have multiple opportunities to cash in on economic opportunity.
      I am a huge advocate for Oil and Gas and I believe in completely blocking off imports in order to preserve or production and prevent the market collapsing. I have a continuous flow of words on economic topics relating to this and many other political positions I have on my campaign website, As far as producing electricity, I believe in using coal when necessary because coal is safe, the industry is ok and coal produces 92% of our electricity. Coal only hurts when they import, just like Oil and Gas. We will need it for a long time, but wind energy cannot be passed up, the money is too good and it is an outstanding opportunity. The abundant free energy will do amazing things for the wind rich communities and our coal industry will benefit by producing less and exporting more to the areas of the nation and the world that need it. As all of this economic expansion is underway, I want to rebuild the old railroad that enables Oklahoma to access the entire United States, North to Canada and South to Mexico and from there, out to the Pacific and Asian markets. The railroad will enable our manufactured products, refined minerals, and agriculture to be traded throughout the world once we refocus our priorities.
      This is the dream I have of Oklahoma, and with each county, I am getting closer to making it a reality. I will need your support in the Primary Election on June 30th. Oklahoma has closed primaries so you will have to be a registered Democrat to ensure I get elected and take Oklahoma’s needs to Washington D.C. I am a man of industry and I want to take Oklahoma to the next level as a United States Senator, fighting for our needs and ensuring our economy can prosper without interference.          

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