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77 Series: Cherokee County

                                                      ᎣᏏᏲ Bevon ᏓᏆᏙ

      First and foremost I would like to thank the tribe for their incredible achievements as leaders among Native American Tribes throughout the nation. Their relentless progress toward maintaining our culture, educating our citizens, and establishing enterprise has made our tribe one of the strongest, if not the strongest, sovereign Native American nation to date. I would like to spend several weeks at the Cherokee language immersion school tutoring mathematics. I made a perfect score on my mathematics portion of the ACT, I love calculus, and nothing would make me happier that to share my skills with our people. I see that the scores among our middle school class could use some help and I will gladly spend two hours a day after school tutoring those who need it. I could also use some help on my Cherokee and it will be a win-win situation for our tribe.
      Cherokee County is home to the state’s oldest learning institutions after all; there is no reason that some of our strongest minds in the nation should not come out of this county as well. We can see to it that they are by continuing to expand our education investments the way the Cherokee Nation is doing presently. I see that the enterprise is performing well and our industrial growth is consistently over 20% each year, sometimes nearly 30%. This is a result of good management, good processes, and good people. I do need the tribe’s support to help the rest of the state’s industrial growth; I have major plans that will increase the production of every county in the state and I wish to represent the industrial needs in legislature.
      Oklahoma is a closed primary state and only registered Democrats can vote for me, no Republicans. The primary election is on June 30th, 2020 and I have to complete some paper work by mid-April. I need to have signatures from 2% of the registered voters and it would help immensely to host a signature event in which my tribe supports me in the upcoming election. We can make the event a powwow and celebrate our ancestry as well and it will be an exciting community event. I have yet to formally introduce myself to the tribe and this will create the perfect opportunity to display my strength of character to our people. I know that the Cherokee Nation has its own unique needs to be represented in congress and I wish to be the person to do so as a United States Senator.
      I will be coming to Tahlequah soon to obtain a new Cherokee Nation Citizen identification card; I lost mine on Maui making friends with the locals. While I am there, I will be sure to visit the school and see what I can do to help with the math scores. I am an excellent teacher and have mastered all algebra, geometry and trigonometry and can easily bring students up to par with the short cuts and efficiencies I have relied on for decades. I have the syllabary memorized and dozens of sentences, so it would be fun to expand on my knowledge of the Cherokee language with the children as well. This is an exciting time for our state as I have a clear vision on the changes that need to happen in order for our state’s economy to become strong and reach its full potential.
      Until the campaign gains speed and we begin taking our endeavors public, I will be wrapping up an economic research project known as the 77 Series. I evaluate each county and as the project continues, I am discovering new metrics to assess local economies, new methods to increase production, as well as dozens of legislative needs. For each congressional district, I am designing an economic project to bring new jobs and new industries throughout the state. My major areas of concern are those that have steadily decreasing populations, low life expectancy, and no industry. So far in my research, the northeastern portion of congressional district 2 is proving to be the economic leader in the state, but I still have 38 counties to evaluate.
      So Project D2 is taking on a much different objective than that in Project D3. In Project D3 our objective is to raise the median per capita income by 15%, or $15,000. This will require the building of a textile industry, numerous factories, a 3,000,000 barrel a day capacity crude oil refinery. I was interested in building a metal refinery here as well, but this is beginning to look like an objective for Project D2 as we also aspire to cleaning up the chat mess in Ottawa County. Also for Project D2, I will be investigating the current tax legislation and see what can be done to properly maintain our industry in the area as well as be the healthiest economically. I know that I have a lot of reconnecting to do with my culture and I am excited to represent the Cherokee Nation in Washington D.C. ᎣᏏᏲ

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