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77 Series: Bryan County

                                                        Luke Bryan

     I know Luke Bryan is from Georgia, but I could not pass up on using his name in this essay. I wanted to thank him for his country music; if it was not for “Drunk on You” back in 2012, I would never have been able to draw in my future wife for our first kiss. I love the lyric “cottonwood falling like snow in July” but I must say that if the song were written in 1910, it would have been “cotton on the ground like snow in July”. It will not be too late to make the change starting in 2020, when we expand our industry and we see cotton from California to Georgia, the way it used to be.
     I wanted to make one thing clear; nothing in my legislative agenda will harm our state fiscally, nor economically. My legislative agenda has clear and well defined objectives; this is evident in the 50,000 or more words I have written laying out my campaign. If I had tried to sum up everything in a 20 minute speech, I could not. I could not have reached the depths of economic discovery and the means through which to repair our state had I not rolled up my sleeves and locked myself in a room with no cellphone or social media. I need the people of Oklahoma to trust me, send me to Washington D.C., and allow me to make these changes for our state. We need them, everyone from the largest banks, the Rainbolts and the Burrages, to our largest wheat farms, Mr. Gruntmier, and all of our oil and gas people. We need all of or workers, and those who do not work, we need everyone to focus on taking Oklahoma up a level. We have all the raw materials, or the land in which to produce them, what we need now is our industry back, our finances protected within our own boarders, and to balance our own trade; we must help ourselves before we can help others.
     My name is Bevon Rogers and I am running for U.S. Senate in 2020 as a Democrat. In order to support me in the Primary Election on June 30th, you will have to be a registered Democrat because Oklahoma has closed primaries. I have been closely examining each county in Oklahoma to discover where the weak links are in our state’s economy and I have compiled each economic essay in a project called the 77 Series. You can find the series on my campaign website, I have been designing an economic endeavor to increase the health and life expectancy of our people in Oklahoma’s second congressional district. I named this Project D2 and I will have a project for all five congressional districts.
     Something I have been waiting to address and have not been able to completely is our state’s education. When I was in high school, it was rather easy to be a nation merit scholar in Oklahoma, because our requirements were so low; the averages were shameful. We must take a step back and look at our education system. I have not completed the 77 Series, and I will have to exam our larger, more concentrated congressional districts next in order to begin seeing where changes need to be made. In honor of my grandmother, I will make my final essay on Comanche County. She taught here for decades and she always illustrated the need for more resources, almost all of hers were out of her own pocket. The trend I am seeing now is that districts with more students get more money. If the districts with more students have substantially higher test scores, then they need less money; if they already have an IPad for every student in a class of 1,000, then we need to make sure 10 schools with classes of 100 get them the next year. I can tell you that access to tablets has increased my daughter’s learning capacity; I imagine putting them in the hands of all of our Oklahoma students will greatly enhance our state proficiency.
     The students do not want to do poorly; the teachers do not want to stress because they cannot get all information uploaded to the student’s mind in their short sessions. They need a way to go home and freely explore the concepts being taught. I am not speaking of teacher wages, I am speaking of money given to the schools for their resources; the schools with the lowest scores, need the most money for investing in their students. I will be able to draw a matrix for this, ensuring that our children reach unprecedented levels of academic achievement. As our state industry continues to thrive and develop, we will make sure all of our children are the most proficient, and we will make sure our teachers are the highest paid teachers in the country; they will be rearing the next generation of Oklahoma after all; we are setting the bar higher and higher.
      We will address the education project when we conclude the 77 Series in Oklahoma’s fourth congressional district. As far as Bryan County, my uncle, Clinton Rogers moved to Durant in 2006 and I have watched the city grow and develop year after year. I know that Durant is the industrial hub of southeastern Oklahoma. As our industry develops, we will see Durant continue to expand and grow as it will be much like a Chicago; our railways and their carts will converge in this city; some of our goods will go to Texas, some to Louisiana, and the logistics will be handled in Durant. There will be massive warehouse as we store milled timber, coal, cotton, hemp, gypsum, pecans and everything else our state produces. Once we take control of our natural resources, we will build up reserves of these. New markets will be established and Durant will help our producers get their goods to those markets.
      The 38 Sovereign Nations, the banks, our railroads, waterways, coal mines, forests, and everything within Oklahoma needs to be properly represented as we build momentum and we take our state up the ranks in health and education. We need a legislator like me to represent us and break down the barriers to prevent us from thriving. Our team is bringing on more and more people every day and we are on the cusp of taking back our state and restoring it to the gem it was a hundred years ago. I will spend some time in Durant and I would like to meet with all the land owners and industrialist to strategize on what we need to do to make the Oklahoma vision come to life.

*Update: 10/8/2019 Durant looks incredible: the city is clearly prepared for industrial expansion. However, an elder ffrom the Choctaw Nation told me about oil spilled in lake Texoma. We do not have crude oil pipeline in this area, to my knowledge. If there is a leak, it is likely from Texas oil production. I will continue listening to get to the bottom of this.

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