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77 Series: Atoka County

                                                         Atoka County

     My name is Bevon Rogers and I am running for U.S. Senate in 2020 as a Democrat. In order to support me in the Primary Election on June 30th, you will have to be a registered Democrat because Oklahoma has closed primaries. I have been closely examining each county in Oklahoma to discover where the weak links are in our state’s economy and I have compiled each economic essay in a project called the 77 Series. My team and I are working on building Oklahoma industry and I want Atoka County to know this. We are working on better utilization of our land resources, expansion of our manufacturing and milling, and enhancing our distribution channels through the use of waterways and railways. I have been addressing these concerns with the other counties of Oklahoma and have written numerous essays examining economic potential in these areas. I have been developing projects for our congressional districts and they can be found on my campaign website
      The projects go into great detail about industrial development and improving our health in our rural communities. The environment is also a top concern and we have a lot of cleaning up to do. I am no stranger to Atoka County; I know the business environment as well as many prominent families in the area. What I wish to address is something I have been working on as an experiment. I am concerned about our seed situation in the United States and I have extracted seeds from every species that yields them and I am attempting to grow the fruits and vegetables we buy. I must now do my homework and see what legislation exists that affects our agriculture industry. If legislation exists that makes seeds that are genetically modified to not grow legal, we will need to examine further. Also, if legislation makes it to where we cannot farm and cultivate freely, we will have a lot of work to do.
      We can quickly and economically overcome restrictions based on the seed and future propagation of certain fruit and vegetable genetics. If one fruit has bad seeds, we will make it economical to purchase fruit and vegetables with good seed. We will do this in federal legislation for the growth of our fruit and vegetable cultivators. We need to spread out industry and I am pushing for this for the enhancement of our Oklahoma communities. The first piece of new legislation will be an assessment paid for fruit and vegetable cultivators to bring our grocery stores produce that cannot be propagated. We will then expand market entry to our smaller land owners, 160 acres or less, and we will give farmers incentives; we will buy their produce and bring it to market should it meet our quality standards.
      I will work with the Class A Agriculture Committee in Washington D.C. and I will ensure that our farmers are aware of the quality controls as well as provided with resources to ensure the controls are met. Producing fruits and vegetables that cannot be propagated from planting their seeds is a form of eugenics, and it must be stopped. We can arrange this for our small land owners to gain substantially; with a little development, we can construct technologically advance greenhouses that allow our farmers to grow year round. 
      As I began to build industry myself, I kept running into barriers that truthfully should not exist in a strong economy. Improper industrial legislation has caused market disturbance in our hog and poultry, cotton, coal, oil and gas, timber, gypsum, and wind energy. I want to make it clear that no legislation can be as bad as improper legislation if companies get so large that they control the industry without legislation backing them. As a United States legislator, I am a steward of the people, a guardian of industry, and one heck of a writer.
      Among the industrial projects I have been designing, one of my favorites is the expansion of our crude oil reserve that the federal government keeps in case of natural disasters. The reservoirs went down drastically due to the hurricane and it is essential that we double our reserves and I want to do this in Cushing. I know they have the existing infrastructure and I believe this to be an ideal location for our crude oil reserve expansion. To compliment this, I have picked up on some massive economic potential in crude oil refining. Currently, Oklahoma is over capacity, meaning we do not refine the crude oil we produce. We are missing economic opportunity by this and we must expand our refinery operations in order to grasp the opportunity.
      Furthermore, Texas is over capacity as well, to the tune of 5 million barrels a day, usually more. This means we are exporting billions of dollars in crude oil, having it refined over seas, then buying back refined crude. I am meeting with many of our states top oil and gas executives and I am pulling together a plan to build an engineering marvel in our great state; I am planning to build a refinery with the capacity to refine 3,000,000 barrels of crude oil a day. This has major implications for our state and I wish to move forward with construction in congressional district three. We will produce over 2,000 jobs that pay $70,000  a year and the margins we will make buy buying everyone’s over production will make the state a fortune.
      For our state to effectively seize the economic potential inherent with our natural resources, we will need a strong legislator to breakdown any barriers that should exist. I am the man for this job and I have a solid grasp on what needs to be done for our state to thrive. Recently, I went to the Oklahoma Tribal Finance Consortium and I share the vision of Oklahoma’s 38 Sovereign Nations. What is critical is for the rest of the state to share in our industrial expansion and we will see Oklahoma become one of the top states in the nation, if not umber one. In lieu of our industrial agenda, I will also be ensuring that our state gets cleaned up and all hazardous materials are dealt with; then I will ensure all of our processes have no environmental impact. I look forward to you support in 2020; we have a lot of work to do and if I can have the support of Atoka County’s strongest families, we can partner together and do something amazing.

Committee to Elect Bevon Rogers
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