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E Pluribus Unum

     That is Latin that we are all familiar with, we see it every day; "out of many, one". As I am campaigning to be Oklahoma's next U.S. Senator, I am exploring each of the 77 counties within the state. I am taking an objective view and evaluating every piece of information I can find on the industry, population, and history of the communities. Combined with current legislation, a clear picture is painted of what needs to happen in order to balance trade, destroy barriers of entry, and expand market participation to the people of Oklahoma. By identifying our key natural resources, distribution channels, and economic opportunity, I am compiling a series of 77 essays that build upon one another to make a strong Oklahoman economy out of many smaller county economies. My hope for this project is to restore strength and prosperity in our state as well as provide a solid road map for other states to use when they begin to rise up and strengthen their economies. Then, in the 2020 election for U.S. Senate, I would like to further protect our interests while working with Congress to make one strong national economy out of the many states. E Pluribus Unum. 

77 Series: Beaver County

This volume of the series is for Beaver County. I am asking the citizens if they are happy with their economy, or if they would like stimulation. I see communities like Beaver like still water without ripples. Sometimes that is by choice.  (Read More)

The Republic, Our Democracy: a Pamphlet for the People

I have compiled a list of 13 items that I believe have a strong impact on our nation. I offer brief insight and touch the surface of resolution on each one.

(Read More)

77 Series: Cimarron County

This is another essay from the series of 77 on Oklahoman economics. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Texas County

An essay from the 77 series. I could not put the economic proof within the text so you will have to refer to the "photos" tab for the mathematically derived proof. (Read More)

77 Series: Caddo County

This is the first of a series of 77 essays where I dive into the counties within Oklahoma and evaluate the current economic condition and search for light.

(Read More)

77 Series: Woods County

I examine Woods County in this essay, Alva especially. I ask the manufactures of aeronautics products and frozen dough to examine their processes and try to isolate inefficiencies in order to increase profit margins on their sales, ultimately enabling wage increases among the struggling population. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Ellis County

This essay deals with Ellis County and is more informative than suggestive and is part of the 77 Series.

(Read More)

77 Series: Harper County

This is another essay from the 77 series about Harper and bringing in wind energy and a toy factory.  (Read More)

77 Series: Woodward County

The Woodward volume contains three investment methods involving food, and the most important is that everyone should have seeds. (Read More)

77 Series: Major County

This essay informs Major County of the concerns rural economies face with barriers to market entry as well as a debriefing on machine building and cotton growing.

(Read More)

77 Series: Alfalfa County

Alfalfa County is a large producer of Oil and Gas, like many counties in the state. I suggest building a small refinery to supply Oklahoma needs as well as the consideration of rebuilding the Kansas City, Mexico, and Orient railway, starting in Byron Oklahoma.

(Read More)

77 Series: Pawnee County

I see the lack of industry in Pawnee County and immediately offer solutions that have been discovered while writing the 77 Series. Cotton, hogs, chicken, and designing processes for producing goods to be sold in Oklahoma.  (Read More)

77 Series: Grant County

This essay consolidates many of the economically stimulating ideas from the counties examined thus far into Project D3; an economic project to revive our communities.

(Read More)

77 Series: Garfield County

Garfield County has the potential to be an industrial hub for the production of grain products and legislation may be required should market interference prevent Oklahomans from manufacturing with refined grain. Project D3 is still gaining steam and the 77 Series continues. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Kay County

This essay deals with Zinc in the United States and the importance of a new smelter in Kay County. This has enormous economic importance and minerals have now become a major component of Project D3.  (Read More)

77 Series: Noble County

In this essay, I promote the ideas that will strengthen the Oklahoman economy. I make suggestions for the people of Noble County to build processes to produce goods and inform them of legislation that can open up the markets for raising hogs and chicken. I also briefly discuss the developing Project D3. (Read More)

77 Series: Creek County

I bring Creek County up to date on the current Project D3 initiative, building Oklahoma industry with appropriate legislation and ask for the county's support in 2020. (Read More)

77 Series: Payne County

Project D3 is developing rapidly and I discuss the creation of a massive refinery, increased federal reserves in Cushing, and OSU engaging in machine build for our Oklahoman manufacturing processes. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Lincoln County

In this essay, I describe a couple grass root processes that have the potential to grow into full blown factories with state of the art machines. The point I am trying to illicit is that industry does not fall from the sky, it rises up from the ground.  (Read More)

77 Series: Logan County

Logan County is in the same predicament as many of the counties in the Project D3 Scope; no industry, stagnant to decreasing population, and low income. I explained the vision I have for a better Oklahoma and asked for the county's support in 2020. (Read More)

77 Series: Kingfisher County

Kingfisher County faces the same problems most counties do in the state. I am eager to progress economically; I am not a patient person when it comes to things like time, money, a massive cotton harvest and economic opportunity, but I am moving on in my research until an opportunity presents itself. I have already asked and we will see.  (Read More)

77 Series: Blaine County

I begin to unravel the mystery surrounding our Gypsum deposits in Blaine County. I want to see our market impact appropriately reflected in the county's economy and will have to do further research on the U.S. Gypsum Corporation.

(Read More)

77 Series: Custer County

After assessing the scope of Project D3, I have determined that Custer County is the ideal location for the apparel textile mill for a number of reason. We will need to obtain financing, but I believe a mill will be built in Arapaho. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Canadian County

I touch on some old history of this region and bring recycling into the scope of Project D3. I also bring up the increased need of railroads with the development of industrial Oklahoma.

(Read More)

77 Series: Dewey County

I bring up the development of a new railroad that connects the existing BNSF Railway and the Grainbelt Corporation Railroad. For this to be economically feasible, we will need to develop the sparsely populated communities of Dewey County and this will bring about new levels of prosperity to these struggling areas.  (Read More)

77 Series: Rogers Mills

I discuss a railroad that runs through Rogers Mills County and is parallel to the railway proposed in Dewey County. New food from the lush farm acreage on top of the Ogallala Aquifer presents the county a unique opportunity to make nutrient rich food products out of the existing resources found in the scope of Project D3. (Read More)

77 Series: Beckham County

Beckham County is unique in congressional district 3. Elk City is growing rapidly and their economy is growing. I examine why and propose a new way of directing funds into the state's growing industrial complex.  (Read More)

77 Series: Osage County

In this essay, I applaud the success of the Osage Nation and request the tribe's support in 2020. I debrief the county on my ambitions as a legislator in Washington D.C. (Read More)

77 Series: Washita County

I admire Washita County Courthouse and talk cotton and textiles with the county. I will be visiting soon and would like to see some of its committee there. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Kiowa County

I begin to bring up technology and supply chain management and how the two combined will enable unprecedented industrialization.  (Read More)

77 Series: Greer County

I expand on technology and industry and explain to Greer County the economic impact of both. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Harmon County

I am wrapping up the scope of Project D3. I explain to the county the difference between industry and business and encourage the community to be competitive, I will have their back in Senate.  

(Read More)

77 Series: Jackson County

Jackson County is strong and I would like to refine its manufacturing processes. As Oklahomans we must utilize our resources with industry built from within, not externally. I also open up to the community and explain an internal struggle I dealt with in my early adulthood. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Adair County

My first county in Oklahoma's second congressional district and  already, the scope and the economic project is vastly different than congressional district three. More research into the area will uncover evidence that points to why the health and income of the population is struggling so badly. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Nowata County

Nowata County is focused on agriculture, and I am focused on seeing to it that the food processing market is expanded and open to more market participants.  (Read More)

77 Series: Craig County

Upon discovering some economic data to be irrelevant, I began looking at economies from a different approach. Instead of focusing solely on what we can do for ourselves, how about focusing on what we can do for them?

(Read More)

77 Series: Ottawa County

I am amazed that we have such a disaster on top of the state's largest zinc and lead deposits, preventing the state from developing its mining industry. We need this taken care of, we need to protect our children, and I have a plan for the Tar Creek Superfund Site, but I need your support. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Mayes County

Mayes County is doing exceptional economically. They have Google, high levels of energy production, and they have the state's largest industrial park. Mayes County is exactly what I am trying to replicate in congressional district three and I am happy to see that our congressional district two has some strength in the north. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Delaware County

Delaware County is growing and I want to make sure that they are receiving their fair share of profits from out of state investors. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Cherokee County

Cherokee County is home to the Cherokee Nation and I volunteer myself to tutor mathematics in the near future. I also brief the area on the 77 Series as well as the congressional district projects.

(Read More)

77 Series: Muskogee County

I like the Port of Muskogee and see an enormous economic opportunity for trade with the Caribbean and South America as it is an ice-free year round waterway leading into the new and lucrative market. I am excited to learn more about the ambiguous oil and gas activity in the area as well. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Oklmulgee County

Oklmulgee County is the first county I have come across in Oklahoma's second congressional district that is showing some signs of struggling. It is here that I begin the idea of an industrial manufacturing complex.

(Read More)

77 Series: Sequoyah County

I begin examining our state's lumber industry and see an economic opportunity for us to expand our milling operations. I also see a great deal of land for sale that would be prime for cotton and hemp farms. It will not be long for these ranches to quadruple in price so it is best to seize economic opportunity when it presents itself.  

(Read More)

77 Series: Okfuskee County

In Okfuskee County, the objective of Project D2 begins to take shape. In addition to promoting industrial growth, we are going to focus sharply on increasing the health and well being of the citizenry. 

(Read More)

77 Series: McIntosh County

McIntosh is a special county to me for various reasons. I begin honing in on a metric to evaluate the health objective of Project D2 and touch on the county's coal. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Haskell County

Stigler in Haskell County has an industrial park, and a population less than 3,000. This is something congressional district three needs to focus on. 

(Read More)

77 Series: LeFlore County

I love industry and I bring up the importance of our Native American industrial complexes and the infrastructure they have developed. I invite you to take a glance inside the Chickasaw Nation and see what their industry looks like.  (Read More)

77 Series: Hughes County

Hughes County has a strong economy and I like that their land is so fertile. I touch on the state constitution and question some of it's weaknesses.  (Read More)

77 Series: Pittsburg County

I bring up the new steel mill in Durant as well as discuss trains and hazardous waste issues. I recognize the need to replace Pittsburg County's loss of industry and we must replace it. It does not have to be cotton, but something that is economically stimulating. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Latimer County

I am digging into coal production in our state and learning the ins and the outs of the industry. I am learning through my economic research that we have quite a bit of coal, but not so much production; I believe in utilizing as many revenue streams as possible until our economy stabilizes. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Coal County

Coal County faces the same issues; they have no cotton production and they have no coal production. I also discuss the boll weevil infestation that wrecked havoc in the area. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Atoka County

I know Atoka County well; it has some of Oklahoma's most prominent families. I wish to have their support in the 2020 election. We have a lot of industry to build and I brief the county on what we have developing. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Pushmataha County

I have a lot of history with Antlers in Pushmataha County. I am sensitive to the people's needs in this area and have several industrial propositions; I will need the support of the people here to represent them in legislature in 2020.

(Read More)

77 Series: McCurtain County

I arrive at several ideas in this essay on McCurtain County. As this industrial project is expanding, so are my thoughts on ways to reach our common goal; the best Oklahoma possible. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Choctaw County

Hooah, Oorah, Hooyah, Booyah in respect to the forces. I am discovering more about what I can do for Oklahoma banking as a United States Senator. Choctaw County is my home and its people are my family. We will develop and rise together through this industrial expansion project. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Bryan County

Bryan County has enormous potential as our State's industry develops. I see Durant being an industrial hub and I would like to meet with the land owners and industrialist to plan on how we can best set the city up for the coming industrial expansion. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Marshall County

I am getting some good ideas for Bills that I will sponsor; I mention some of them in this essay. I also recognize Madill's industry and believe they should begin to build rail carts. (Read More)

77 Series: Johnston County

Tishomingo is in a beautiful part of our state; I would like to see the people economically secured. I begin discussing the layered economy in Oklahoma and will continue to build upon this approach to building industry.

(Read More)

77 Series: Rogers County

This essay concludes the scope of Project D2; we know have our project designed and we are ready to move onto Oklahoma's first congressional district.  (Read More)

77 Series: Washington County

I admire Washington County's "Back the Blue" campaign and I will encourage a program like this throughout Oklahoman cities. I also mention a government gardening project that provides fruits, herbs, and vegetables to the community, as well as seeds and clones. (Read More)

77 Series: Wagoner County

I summarize the focus of Oklahoma's congressional districts and I touch upon the labor force needs of industrial Oklahoma. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Seminole County

The first county in Oklahoma's fifth congressional district. I am concerned with its sharp decline in population after World War 2 and I am anxious to bring industry back to Seminole County; the land is perfect for agriculture and I think we can build some of the nation's finest fruit orchards in this area. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Pottawatomie County

I bring up Potawatomi teachings and lessons and relate to the water spider story. I also discuss being self-sufficient with our states domestic consumption requirements; this includes expanding our dairy industry.

(Read More)

77 Series: Oklahoma County

I begin to talk about the future of scientific discovery and propose Oklahoma City be the Science Capitol of the World. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Grady County

I brief Grady County on other state industrial projects and touch on the economic potential that Chickasha has building a food manufacturing facility or a facility that has a process used in the textile manufacturing industry; our neighbors have more raw materials than they can use and we should make sure we do not let them leave the county.  (Read More)

77 Series: Cleveland County

President Grover Cleveland was a unique individual and one thing we have in common is we dislike bossism. I touch on the developing design for Project D4 and continue with the 77 Series. 

(Read More)

77 Series: McClain County

I believe Newcastle or Purcell is the place for the beef processing complex to be built in congressional district four. I begin expanding on what all it will take to bring this idea to fruition. One thing to take home is that an 1,800 heifer makes $8,280 of beef at the current market price, $4.60. We can build the magic box in Oklahoma and I can represent us federally so that we are not obstructed from seizing economic opportunity. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Tulsa County

Tulsa is doing well, but I want to bring up violence and raise awareness of the importance of our youth. I also want to bring back Greenwood; I want to see the African American community build new businesses and regain their confidence as business leaders in the United States.

(Read More)

77 Series: Garvin County

I continue expanding on Project D4's beef processing complex and go into further detail with the numbers. We will have to collaborate with our ranchers, banks, and county, but I believe we have a solid opportunity to observe substantial economic gain. Also, there is a rumor that 1,000 acres of pecan trees exist in Garvin County; we can press pecan oil to market in the orient and provide a food resource for our livestock through a manufacturing process in Pauls Valley. (Read More)

77 Series: Pontotoc County

I have been to Ada several times for academic and work related activities; I know the strength of the Chickasaw Nation and I believe we can help facilitate the Sovereign Nation's industrial expansion through the creation of railways that connect Ada to the rest of industrial Oklahoma. I also begin to discuss how we can create more agricultural acreage through clearing the old fields used for cotton production. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Tillman County

I can see Tillman County's agriculture land from an aerial view; the agriculture land along the Red River is well organized, but I feel there may be increased demand for irrigation water. Should this be the case, I will be happy to help bring water resources to the region. Also, I discuss strategies on how to expand agriculture lands and define what it means to be a top state in the United States. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Cotton County

I am indeed always talking about cotton, but in Cotton County, the focus is more on agriculture; I would like to see the extent of the counties poultry industry and see if we cannot expand in this area through eliminating market entry barriers.  (Read More)

77 Series: Stephens County

Halliburton is from Stephens County and I spent hundreds of nights with the crews in the Eagle Ford Shale; I take this opportunity to discuss the future of the oil and gas industry in Oklahoma and bring up me childhood memories with my cousin in Duncan. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Jefferson County

There is not a whole lot going on in Jefferson County; this has been true over the past one hundred years. I examine the county as if I were a statesman, like Thomas Jefferson did in Virginia legislature. I believe we can expand our industry in the state by approaching land owners to use their land for industry and do all of the work and share the profits with the owner who would rather not toil in the planting and harvesting operations, but has significant land being underused.  (Read More)

77 Series: Carter County

Ardmore has always been a distribution hub going back to the construction of the Sante Fe Railroad and being the world's largest in-land cotton port. I suggest making Ardmore the assembly plant for our state's broadcasting equipment; Carter County and the Chickasaw Nation have the infrastructure in place to handle such an operation. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Love County

I want to be your legislator and in this essay I go into detail about what this means exactly for Oklahomans. Also, Love County has experienced economic hardships; luckily the Chickasaw Nation was there to help maintain balance. As we move forward, we need to understand thoroughly what is causing Oklahoma to fall behind; I will be pursuing that conundrum as I begin my road campaign. 

(Read More)

77 Series: Murray County

Murray County is also part of the area known as "Hereford Heaven". I commend the community for their industry; agriculture, tourism and some small mining operations. I take this opportunity to talk about Oklahoma mining and how important our natural mineral resources are as well as national metal refining.  (Read More)

77 Series: Comanche County

We must aggressively fund education. I believe I can attack this on both ends; as a federal legislator securing federal funds as well as an industrialist building industry in Oklahoma to help fund our educational resource needs. 

(Read More)

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