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I am now accepting campaign donations made payable to "The Committee to Elect Bevon Rogers". Please mail check to the committee at:

6013 SE 68TH ST

Oklahoma City, OK 73135

Contribution limits are as follows:


Individual donation limit is $2800 for the primary election and limit resets for the general election.

Political Action Committees can donate up to $5000 unless they are supporting multiple candidates, then the limit is $2800.

This same rule applies for Party Committees.


If you find that my economic views align with yours, do not hesitate to help me with my vision for a better Oklahoma right now. 

Individual contribution limit is $2800 for the election on June 30. PAC donations are capped at $5000, but if the PAC is supporting multiple candidates, the cap is $2800. The same PAC limits apply to Party Committees and the contribution limits reset for the general election. 
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Committee to Elect Bevon Rogers
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