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Welcome to my page. I write a lot, I am a writer, a legislator, really. But I think even more; I am also a philosopher. I think and I think and I think and I think. I think like I write, and I write like I think. I do not care what is thought, because if they could think like I think then they would write like I think. Before you continue, do not be deterred by the amount of words. Read 1,000 a day, and keep the doctor away.

*The introduction of the affordable electric Ford motor engine changes the oil and gas exploration and production game. This update on 11/18/2019 applies to all prior written theories on crude refinery building. The success or failure of this product determines the future of gasoline production globally; as a millennial industrialist, I see a bright future for the electric motor and back a steady, controlled approach to the decline of the combustion engine, and the rise of electric motors.

US Senate as a United States Senator = Professional Federal Legislator = Writer of Federal Laws and Acts, editor of U.S. Constitution, and creator of Federal Agencies; as elected until otherwise, constitutionally.

"I believe that the United States is the best country in the world and that Oklahoma is the number one state. I wish to unite the nation under one vision: to clean up our environment, expand our industry and build our economy, improve our citizen health and focus on education."


*DISCLAIMER* The industrial suggestions in the 77 Series and the congressional district projects assume no legislative restrictions. The economic endeavor discovers legislative needs for the development of Oklahoma industry; the needs I will address in congress that enable our projects to manifest. 


Welcome to my campaign page for U.S. Senate 2020 out of Oklahoma. Under the "Literature" tab you will find essays on the 77 counties within the state as well as a pamphlet for the people. Feel free to browse around and enjoy watching a new era of Democracy unfold.

Through impeccable legislation, technology, and a shared vision, Oklahoma will become an industrial gem of the United States. We have the resources, the people, and the capability; all we need now is the legislation.

I understand that our legislature deals with much more than just our economy. As a Senator, I wish for my two Class A Committees to be Agriculture and Foreign Relations. For my Class B Committee, I would like to be on the Joint Economic Committee. Thus, the focus of my campaign is in these realms. However, I will be current on all pending issues as my vote will be important in each bill that is presented. 

For new voters, you can find the registration application link here: New Voters

Please understand Oklahoma is a CLOSED PRIMARY state. In the Primary Election June 30th, 2020,  I am running as a Democrat. If you like this industrial renovation project, support my senatorial campaign. After winning the November 3rd election, we will remove the barriers restricting our industrial expansion.  




Good Resources for Industrialists:

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

U.S. Geological Survey Website

U.S. Department of Agriculture Website

U.S. Energy Information Administration

U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

U.S.D.A. Agricultural Marketing Service

U.S. Advanced Manufacturing Portal

U.S. Department of Transportation

U.S. Department of Education 

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Surface Transportation Board

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Oklahoma Department of Libraries

Oklahoma Corporation Commission

U.S. Code of Law

The 2020 Agenda: Our Youth

Find Your Industry,

Build Your Economy,

Protect Your Environment,

Improve Your Health,

Focus on Your Education.

The rest is just news.



Monday, November 18, 2019 8:57 AM

Economy and Healthcare and a little Alexander Hamilton rant


Politics is a lot like chess; you think about your next move, then your opponent's. Luckily I am very very good at the game. The longer you think about your next move, the more ways I find out to win. We're also playing a rigged game; I have no Queen until after the primaries. Yet I have taken your rooks, bishops, and knights. Play a short game with your pawns or resign and allow the next player to challenge an International Master of chess.

That room in the North Wing of the Capitol is for the 100 best and brightest, most compassionate people from each state in the republic. Not for the old and self interested retired politicians. This will be an expensive election for you, not for me. It will cost you $25,000,000 to pretend your heart is bigger than mine. And I know you didn't raise that with your first $50,000 mail campaign. Trying to increase defense spending and intimidating the people with false boarder concerns. How about visiting the homeless population in your home district and explain to them why industry was allowed to ravage our state, break our homes, and starve our people? I already told them my side, let them hear yours. Sending letters to registered Republicans isn't going to work in 2020. There's hardly any left in Oklahoma now.

Before I begin, how about for one day our politicians talk about the 330 something million citizens and not each other's political party? One day where we do not have to believe you are representing us, then be misled. One day where it is not about the Ukraine or Russia or China. One day where everything that comes out of your mouth is progress for the people. I am addressing the legislature, not the executive nor the judicial branches. The president has shifted focus to Healthcare, and you guys are sponsoring one irrelevant bill after another. I heard Senator McConnell holds up progress. I watch Representative Pelosi hold up progress, I have for a long time. These people have to be elected in 2020. Will you choose people who hold up progress? 

Trim the defense budget according to the law of diminishing marginal product, create a health enforcement agency, compensate 2.5% Healthcare service markups, and give the people Healthcare. We can do this now, or wait until this 30 year old patriot comes to Capitol Hill January 2021 and does it for you. I have solved calculus problems more difficult then solving the healthcare conundrum. For starters, a bypass surgery costs an hour of labor for the crew performing it and a one night stay in the hospital. When I'm paying your bills, I'm only reimbursing the hospital for prorated labor, equipment depreciation, and food and medicine. You're not going to be cashing $250,000 checks for each of the 50 people who had surgery that day. The system broke by doing that to the government. If the government buys your equipment, you will not charge for it's use. Medicine for all is possible, but it will take guts. There is no secret folder that DC has that the people can't read. We all have access to the resources needed to resolve national issues. I read more and process more information each day on this cell phone than 100 Senators did all week. Maybe if you added up all their tweets for a day it would equal one of my essays.

Wall Street saw record numbers last week; people were not buying computers and a number of other goods that were off the shelves during the tariff wars with China. Money was flowing around the US economy in record volumes for around a month or so.

The tariffs have been lifted and the computers are back on the shelves. This will result in Wall Street shrinking over the upcoming months until the market restabilizes, likely after the Holiday season. 

This is an inevitable reality until we begin manufacturing our own broadcasting equipment, which is a project I will carry with me into Senate.

The commodities markets are the ones who struggled during this time; the billions paid to compensate their losses stung a bit. But as Wall Street shrinks, the commodities markets will fatten up with increased supplying to Chinese citizens. The economic theorems and formulas to measure the exact economic impact become complex due to the amount of Pacific Trade, but the Walt Disney version is that our economy will weaken when for every $100 that go to China, we receive $15 in return. Also, it is winter here; holiday shopping is under way while food production will halt until the next growing season.

If Oklahoma built a broadcasting manufacturing complex, a large crude refinery, doubled the federal reserve oil supply, and built a zinc smelter, over night we would resolve our financial issues. Then with strong federal representation, we would get cheap rail rates making our pipeline material and other heavy building material offer rather attractive margins. O yea, and we can sell bonds to China or whoever ever else we want and finance this project.

China does not want to keep winning in our international trade game; they want us to quit beating ourselves. All we have to do is take action and seize economic opportunity readily available in our own country. Fortunately for the Republic, our Democracy will make this happen for us; it is the will of the people to live in the number one country. So we will give the people what they want.

Furthermore, Oklahoma will become the number one state; we will need improved state legislation to protect and develop our railroads. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission is extremely busy; they are more busy than the Democrats trying to impeach President Trump. We need an Oklahoma Rail Association to properly asses and govern our state supply chains. Texas has the Texas Railroad Commission.

President Trump started making real progress in health reform. I was surprised at this because I was sure this would be a Democratic Platform but it appears Republicans desire Medicare for all as well.

The question now is how do we cut costs? I still say to cover salaries, facility and equipment only with marginal room for markup. Once we eliminate x-ray, CAT scan, and surgical upcharges and enormous pharmaceutical markups we will begin making Medicare for all a reality. My experience comes from both rural Healthcare and a Fortune 500 operation; I know a thing or two about Health. I witnessed the collapse of Pushmataha County Hospital first hand and I witnessed through my father's career the development of "Big Health" during the Obama Administration. The strongest leaders in my community and the best bankers in the state, arguably the nation could not save the dissolution of the economic driver for the poorest county in Oklahoma. What about the thousands of others that are on the cusp of suffering this same fate, and do not have those resources?

On the other hand, I am also witnessing first hand the evolution of Healthcare and I observe models that work and I know the people capable of scaling this model up to provide Medicare for all.

I say this often and truthfully, no one is to blame. We just have to correct what we know now to be broken. If the current Establishment cannot perform this task, they are either corrupt or incapable of performing their obligations to the people; that is grounds for replacement. There are candidates like me who know what to do, and are capable of doing it.

I am pleased that we are managing to work on something other than an impeachment. Imagine what all we could do in this time? It will be over before we know it though and we'll be on to bigger and better things.

*I digress here, Biden appeared on my screen with more anti-American propaganda. Remember this fellow Americans, we move forward as a nation, we move forward together. Anything regressive is anti-American. Tax increases are regressive, poor foreign policy is regressive, increases in health problems and poverty is regressive. Once we decide to continuously improve, and refuse regression, we are the strongest nation on Earth. If your Senator tells you we have to take more money from a class of citizenry to fund something or simply "we do not have the funds," I implore you to request time off, go to Washington DC, and demand they read you the Omnibus Appropriations; there is plenty of room for improvement. This way they can lie straight to your face and not behind a camera. Make sure they read both to you, there is a civilian budget and a defense budget. They're not very long but tell you the complete US budget.

Politicians have a job, they have a job people. Their job is to make our lives as easy and enjoyable as possible. While we are waking up at 5:00 am, taking the bus to work, breaking our backs for 8-10 hours and unable to buy enough food or purchase healthcare, their job is not being performed. When do they wake up? How long do they spend working to make your life better? They don't. They make a comfortable space up there and fight each other. Ask them what is wrong with their state, county by county. 

Leave marijuana to the states. This cuts off 70% of illegal substance importing and provides industry for many states. We like controlling the supply chain in our state lines. Furthermore, retailing and production of the medicine belongs to the state and the people choose whether or not they want free access to the plant. We do need a federal agency to collect taxes from sales and monitor production and health data. I bet if Joe Biden's son could make a billion dollars off Marijuana, he wouldn't be criticizing the medicine. Or wait, is he trying to make a billion from redistributing our market control? I seriously think you need to step down and stop wasting valuable political resources. Your campaign funds could be better used for American interest. You do not talk with my Democratic Party before launching media campaigns. Who are you consulting with? Do they speak English? People, next time you observe manure on television, turn it off. Even Fox News will stop perpetuating waste if we disengage. They will do anything for us to turn the TV back on. By the way, have any of you tried to contact Hannity? I did, to no avail and all I got was Russian hack attempts from New Jersey on my mobile network and a lot of advertisements. It is not my fault that I am keen to DDA breeches, but what about the people? A DDA breech is when a foreign entity undermines our mobile network. What this means is that Russian Space technology is conflicting with our sovereignty, to put it in a nutshell. But this is a classified project that I will take to Senate and resolve without the people having to worry about who is hijacking their data while they are trying to watch old Disney movies. I just want you to know, that I know, what is going on and I will resolve it. The US will police space and maintain order. We will take down satellites that cross into our air space without asking questions while launching satellites so sophisticated, other countries will think aliens built them.

If someone wants to make a lot of money, create application software that restricts network usage to a single mac address. Norton filters, we need stronger defense. We cannot allow virtual networks to host anyone but ourselves. Personally, I am fed up with letting multiple users piggy back on my network privileges.

*Update: I just saw the new Electric Ford Mustang Sedan for $40,000. If electric cars take off and replace combustion engines on a large scale, we will close the economic gap caused by crude refining. We will not need a 3,000,000 barrel a day capacity refinery. How long will it take for the electric car boom to create a noticeable dent in gasoline consumption? Depends on how many people buy electric cars. We will lose jobs in the oil and gas sector, but the industry lost will be replaced, to a limited extent, with new industry in electric motor vehicle manufacturing. The better question is how many electric cars need to get sold to eliminate gasoline importing. 

Saudi Arabia is already selling their largest oil company for 1.7 trillion; this is 300 billion less than the appraised value. I suppose they are trying to get out while they are ahead. I wonder who will purchase a pile of metal in the middle of the desert? Probably Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway. We all saw Wall Street swell up and that means incredible cash volume for those who own our stock market, literally. Will we see Ford go bankrupt and the electric car saved for those in the top income brackets? Maybe not, $40,000 is a great price point, plus you get a several thousand dollar rebate bringing the price down to around $33,000.

What if China buys the company? Any money we save in our trade agreement will be lost when we buy our refined crude oil from them. The same end result occurs if Russia buys it. I do not believe any other country has the capital nor risk management capabilities to make such an acquisition without a collaborated effort. What is our best bet? Sell 25 million electric cars and forget about overseas oil refining. As you can, there is a lot going on in 2019. 

It will be very interesting indeed to see an overseas investment that does not pay off because the people choose their future; the game will hot be rigged this time. We'll play Candy Land by the rules, just like my mom made me do.

If the electric motor takes over the market, the Saudi refineries will be better off being recycled into train tracks for the Americas.

In my campaign travels, those who work in electricity production and distribution earned in the $40-50/ hour range. That's about what a welder makes after expenses and the best part? They stay right at home, deer hunt, work cattle and raise their family. God bless you Trevor.

I have yet to see a reason not to build a zinc smelter. It is okay to swap industry, it becomes harmful when you take industry and do not replace it.

Monday, November 18, 2019 4:08 AM

Who do I look up to?

When I am campaigning, I get asked the same questions over and over. One of my favorites is when I am asked about my political techniques and general style. So, I'd like to share my answer with everyone who may also be curious.

When it comes to Oklahoma politics, Senator Rabon, Representative RC Pruett, Governors Stitt, Henry, and Walters. These people I admire and respect for their commitments to the state. Senator Rabon has been one of my best friends my whole life and Representative RC Pruett is one of the most generous men I have ever known; his grocery stores in our poorest areas continually provide quality food products for the people. Governor Stitt and I are both Cherokee politicians and we share a tribal bond. Governor Henry's daughter was a good friend of ours while at OSSM and she never minded hanging out with the Oklahoma nerds. I met Governor Walters when raising some money for the Oklahoma Democratic Party recently and he and his wife are some of the most humble Oklahomans I know.

People may be confused why I would raise funds for the party and not my campaign; the Democratic Party cannot support me until after the primaries. I suppose you can call it confidence. I also am fully aware of our struggling Democratic bank accounts and was more obliged to line their coffers. I am only as strong as my party so helping them supersedes helping myself. After June 30th we'll see where the cookie crumbles.

I also really enjoy reading what Representative Emily Virgin writes. She is a very intelligent person and has a gentle way about describing intense issues that come up.

When it comes to federal politics, I need to build a relationship with Representative Kendra Horn; I hear she is very influential and I would like to team up with her.

Representative Dan Boren and I became friends when I was 15 years old and he was taking congressional district two. He brought medical equipment to our poorest area and I always respected him for that. He also wrote me a citation when I was 18 that meant a lot to me as a young man; I was also a recipient of the Boren Award that eased the burden of my freshmen year in college.

I've never met any of our US Senators, they have always been very elusive. I have been looking forward to meeting Senator Inhofe, but have yet to encounter him in Oklahoma.

As far as my political approach, I am much more old school. I like Alexander Hamilton a lot. I write like him because he has a very unique style. Alexander Hamilton consistently wrote about major issues using high diction. What is particularly special about this is that he was educating the citizenry because within his prose, he defined words and by reading, the population was constantly being educated; their lexicon was always expanding. That is what I try to do.

I am sure that as my political career grows and I am elected into positions this list will grow, but for now, these are the people that have the largest influence on my political strategy.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 8:35 PM

A Revelation I had

*Before reading this I want my audience to know that our lowest class of citizenry knows more about politics and the US Constitution than I could have imagined; they may be more in tune to the US Code than our own politicians. When it's violated, they completely give up hope in Democracy.

I know everything about Oklahoma industry and what our issues are. I want to visit with those who are experiencing a new beginning, from the bottom. We will connect together and lift ourselves up, I know it.

I'm leaving in the morning and headed to Tulsa. I'm going to visit homeless shelters and spread the word of democracy. There's 7 months until the primary election, I caught up on 250 years pretty quick; I'm not worried about a couple months on the road.

The goal of this campaign is to determine how to lift the spirits of every single Oklahoman, I know this means going to the darkest places. So starting in Tulsa, I will find the people at their lowest and figure out how to shine light inside. I will reach congressional district one by going straight to the heart.

The saying typically goes "never discuss politics and religion" but that's what I'm going to do with my brothers and sisters of Oklahoma. I'm going to John 3:16 first, I hope there's room for me. We will also need pen and paper so I can teach math and science to anyone willing to learn. Let's see how many GEDs we can get and how many people we can get enrolled into college. I wonder how many entrepreneurs there are there who just need information. Let's see how many lives we can turn around simply by bringing the light to them, instead of them searching for the light.

*I know I am capable of great things. WHile I'm young, scrappy and hungry, I'd rather put all this energy into doing something beyond money; I want to change the world. Too often in this world, we choose money over people. What happens when we choose people over money?

*Update 11/14/2019: I'm in a room of about 160 homeless Americans. I've talked to Vietnam Vets that were drafted, full blood Ponca Indians, recently released prisoners and tough old men. It is hard convincing them I am not a corrupt politcan. They have voted time and again for people whom they believed would make a change, but they were lied to over and over and that broke many of them. I directed some to the tribes and to food distribution for a good job. Others are content where they are. After chapel and we break bread, I will return home to OKC. But I'll be back. I will gain the trust of these people. If you want to help this class, donate technology to the shelters. If these people had access to computers and a little guidance, the numbers would be going down, not up. They will come to the shelter, they may not go to the library.

*****Special shout out to Andrew: congratulations on being released and I wish you would look into a career in food distribution. Check for "selector jobs in Tulsa" and you'll find a place.
***Kyle, check into becoming a Reverend. You have the Holy Spirit and this will allow you to run your own Church. I'll see you guys soon.

*Update 11/15/2019: In the last Tribal Finance Consortium, there was an expressed need for a larger rural labor force to continue the current industrial expansion. I noticed shelters in Ada and Durant, but if there is a need in a more isolated location, I recommend building a scaled shelter and advertising the open positions in the big city shelters. They will relocate, save money, and buy real estate, cars, food, clothes and become part of the middle class.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 1:58 PM

US Senate: a Federal Campaign

I have been speaking to an increasingly larger number of people in the 18-24 age category. Something I am discovering is confusion between state and federal legislature.

A United States Senator works on a national level; we work with the US Constitution, federal agencies, other countries, and our rule book is the US Code. There are only two of us for every state, and we represent our state's need on a national level. We serve a term of six years; this is a long commitment to excellence and upon election, we are relocated to the United States Capitol Building in Washington DC.

State Senators work with the Oklahoma Constitution, state agencies and are confined within the boarders of our state. There are 48 Oklahoma State Senators and they represent the needs of their district. They serve a term of four years and meet at the Oklahoma Capitol Building in OKC.

Our state's limiting factor right now is federal representation of our needs. We have a trade deficit, too much and also too little federal agency involvement; we need a better balance.

We also have a major issue with big industry using our state, our resources, and our people not for Oklahoma enhancement, but for personal gain. The scope of this corruption stretches beyond the United States and money that should be funnelled into Oklahoma is going to risky third world investments and private bank accounts.

What better opportunity to fix our problems than with a Senator who will plug these holes in our economy? I speak Spanish, Chinese, French to an extent and have working knowledge of a dozen more languages. I learned Azerbaijani, greeted the foreign minister, and was invited to Baku; I did this in two days.

It takes me ten minutes to read a financial report and determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Big industry is under my spectacle; they won't be able to pull the stunts they are pulling right now with me in office. Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, and many more states write to me in respect of my campaign and are on the same page. I won't be alone in Washington.

Not when 20 republican representatives have already declined another election and we have over 60 Senators being replaced. The people have had it with corruption. We just want a fair chance to enjoy life and do what we do best.

We are fixing our national government, and I am a champion of many of these new ideas that were silenced before I spoke out and broke through the glass ceiling. We're gaining momentum by the hour it seems.

With this being said, turn now to your state offices. Look who is corrupting your district. Look for who is not fulfilling their campaign promises and elect someone new. A sign of someone who needs a new career trajectory is someone who acts as if the republican party is invincible and can do anything they please without ramification; someone who tells you a Democrat can't win. This is not a republican state. This is Oklahoma, and we are a democratic state, we are a democracy. An Oklahoma Democrat is not an intense liberal like we see on the East or West Coast; we are more conservative in the central United States. An Oklahoma Democrat is someone who is tired of being bullied by the establishment. Someone who wants a level playing field in business and someone who wants the messes left behind by irresponsible industry cleaned up and the environment protected. An Oklahoma Democrat is someone who wants their Senator to represent their needs, not someone who tries not to trip over their lies and webs of deceit. We have not been properly represented in a long, long time; our economy is proof of this fact. We are making a serious turn around, and it started with this campaign; the campaign to unite all 77 counties and all 38 Sovereign Nations with one intention, to Impact Oklahoma.

We need a team of like minded people in OKC, just like we need a like minded team in DC. I'm telling you right now that after some of the conversations I've had, our state government is just as self interested and corrupt as our national government. Imagine a politician who runs as fast and hard as he can in one way, toward the light; I am that politician.

2020 is a big year and we all feel it. God bless Oklahoma, God bless the United States, and God bless Democracy.

*I commend Oklahoma legislature for an outstanding 2019. This message is to raise awareness of our weakest links. Thank you.

Sunday, November 10, 2019 1:46 PM

Money and Politics

When I first decided to run for US Senate, I was sure I would need a lot of money; all the top senators had millions at their disposal.

That is far from true. Utilizing technology, family connections, and being at the right place at the right time has proved invaluable.

I doubt I will have to raise any money, in fact. I may try to raise a thousand for bill boards before the election to direct people to my website. But at 30,000 visitors with an average time on the website as high as 20 minutes, by June, a billboard may be unnecessary.

You must be curious as to why money is so important to other campaigns. I am too. I suppose when you have to employ people to do your job for you, it gets expensive.

Right now I am just below $500 in total spending. That is used for transportation, my website, and my US Senate cards. Have you seen one yet?

I have been trying to explain how this is a new era in democracy, and it is. I am just concerned why some organizations value candidacy by the amount of capital they raise; it makes you wonder what's in it for them.

We are trying to take the money out of politics; political power comes from compassion, influence comes from money. A strong candidate in 2020 puts money in the pockets of his or her constituents, not the other way around.

I have reached out to LULAC, I made many friends with Latin Americans at their conferences growing up and am wanting to host the organization in OKC to further expand trade in South America; Peru was thrilled at the resources we offered them and the word will get around.

I have several multi-billion dollar projects being organized for the state and am constantly promoting health and education.

What are you doing with all that money being raised? I see no other candidates at critical Oklahoma events and meetings. I hear no ideas nor research presented. Perhaps some of the senatorial candidates should seek state offices because the industrial train has left, and your are all still waiting at the station.

If gun control is a pillar of your campaign, address it at the state level. The second amendment is going nowhere for a long time.

If economic reform is a pillar of your campaign, do something for the Oklahoma economy. Teach people how to make money, how to start a business and how to seek assistance.

If climate control is a pillar of your campaign, talk to the Ivy League research scientists then try again.

Campaigning is more than tshirts and free food. It's raising up the spirits of every single Oklahoman and ensuring them that there will be a better tomorrow.

*The greatest part of this campaign? It's being done on an American designed smartphone, BLU. It stands for Bold Like Us.

*Update 11/13/2019: I spoke with a big appraisal firm run out of Tulsa to get sponsored for my license and the former State Representative said absolutely not because after I was trained, I would compete in his market. That's fair, in a way I thought. But the conversation continued and he went on about how politicians often run simply to raise money for themselves or some other goal. That, now, is not fair. By the way, sir, I'm a lion, not a tiger.

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